woensdag, februari 28, 2007

all wel

of to the beach bringin camera and fabric and needles. So will have to blog then. Only one week to puppy too..

vrijdag, februari 23, 2007

It wasn't a good day today

it was the kind of day that just went wrong no matter what you do. I dropped things out of my hand bumped into every cupboard, table or door in the house. And worst of all I didn't catch my daughter when she went head over heels down from the changing table. I saw her land head on and thought to my self: Here we go this can't be good and then she cried which soothed me and she seems really fine. I called the doctor anyway and here comes the one small pleasure in the day. My4, 5 year son was a rock. he brought the phone told me to dry my tears cause she is really fine mum and hugged his sister and told her with a very serious face. You can't fly of the commode. It was so special to see him so sensible and so responsible. It is not simple but kind of a simple pleasure to sometimes in a moment sense the potential of your kids..

You are just going about your day something happens ro nothing and you watch this child you love and in a flash you see your bayb in new light. It makes the rest of the days and weeks so much easier!

donderdag, februari 22, 2007


Lent started yesterday. I like that to be time of year top reflect and share. Last year I 've been a good shopper this year I 've decided to look around fort simple pleasures. I did that meme last year and it never really left me. It was such an inspirational thing to do.. So this coming 40 days I 'll be recognising the small and simple things that make life truly wonderful... It is a bit frivolous for lente but I think I it is a way to reconnect with what is really important in my life..

The first simple pleasure.. Planning a project.. We will be to the beach for a couple of days next week I want to make some art for the house since there are the worlds ugliest fabricpanels there. I plan to transform them in something like this or this. This is from the summer 2006 issue of Marie Claire Idees. When I saw it I wanted to make something like this for the beach house.. I've been planning them ever since and now I've got to buy material and pack everything I need. There wont be anything and I don't want to buy stuff I already got.. So more planning then usual on this project and it makes me realise I actually like the planning.. fun in advance!

woensdag, februari 21, 2007

spring is around the corner

Like what I found there! The remains of the one and only snowman of the season! And springflowers ... In doors but it is a start right?

I am a bit sad and worried. Our neighbours got a little boy couple of days ago and yesterdayevening the whole family departed in an ambulance....,

donderdag, februari 15, 2007

Wednesday is turning into mom and sons sewingclass

We made a bag together yesterday. He designed it and helped sewing on the machine! The fabric is vintage from my mil.. IHere is it on our artdoor! See the valentines heart my daughter made me on daycare! I love the fact that he wanted a pink rose on the button!! I know it is out of focus but I cant get the bag back to make a new picture!

woensdag, februari 14, 2007

Why you should listen when the daisy speaks

I finished the bag for my mil today. It turned out lovely. I attempted the zipper and it worked but I show two you these two pictures to explain the title of the post. I must have read it about 5 times. Make sure you fold away the lining of your pocket while sewing the zipper! Yep, I am a good reader there fore I only needed my seamripper twice.

I am impressed with myself. On this one I did show improvement in my sewing skills!The only thing needed on this bag is a keychainthingie on the keychain!

zondag, februari 11, 2007

the urge to make

While in the supermarket I realised I felt the urge to make. I threw bakng stuff in my trolley like it was the first thing I needed. I didn''t bake the cake though. Son was playing his heart out owning a button and fabricshop ( now I like that career wouldn't that be conveniant)> So while I played with the fabric I bought in his little shop I suddenly noticed that my red fabrics were nice together and that they were very mom in law. So instead of cleaning my terribly dirty house I played with the sewing machine. Tomorrow I am going to insert a zippered pocket in the lining and put the beauty together. Very exited about this because mil was a little sad about her birthdaypresent this year And I want to make up for it cause I actually love my mil..

beat depression create! was the motto of the day!

Oh and completely random what made it extra lovely while we played we had speedskating on. Worlchampionship in Thialf. It was magnificent. This is dutch folklore very much a life! I cant find a pictures of the horse and sledge but that fairytale was much appreciated by daughter!

donderdag, februari 08, 2007

This skirt will need ironing!

my husband will be displeased with that.. But see what a lovely fabric. I am making something for myself this sewingclass and I decided to make a brown and white polka dot skirt. I went to the fabricmarket on a tuesday cursing my self for being so specific.. I always try to go with a very vague idea of what I want but this time there was this fabric 2 meters 1, 50 euros!

Then all my luck with the skirt ran out. I had to change pattens because lack of fabric (I wanted a ful skirt.. ) I cut two pieces from the same pattern piece and one was 5 cm longer then the other.. Lack of sleep and sewing are a weird combination!

In other news any tips on making pigtails (or ponytails.) Daughter came home form daycare yesterday looking so cute with two taartjes ( the word actually is staartjes she now sauid a word that means cake!) . She never ever kept anything in her hair before but now I need to learn to make tails because I don't want to have to ask the 20 year old daycare girls!

OH the light is out here today and the big camera was upstairs so You'll have to wait for beautiful picutres of this skirt until it is spring and I will be wearing it!

maandag, februari 05, 2007

Some dutch skies and a bit of water

for Emmie and probably as much for me. I am worn and tired., I needed something for me but it need be active cause I couldn't afford sleep the camera and I went for a walk. I am quite glad that Emmie mentioned the quality of dutch skies. I happen to think our skies and light are pretty great but since watching too much BBC I am aware that you can think things are great and characteristic for your county when in truth they are to find anywhere in the world.. ( I am an anglophile but it impossible to be as anglophile as the average Englishman..

zondag, februari 04, 2007

The crocusses scare the hell out of me!

They are in full bloom! Today while riding the car I thought about climate change ( yes, I felt the guilt!) and it scared me more then I can say. Fortunately in 2 days time I'll have the opportunity to do an interview with an environmental scientist who should know more then me. I am planning to ask him what I can do .. Anything you want to know?

Oh the picture is a piece of art about the Flevopolder It shows you where sealevel was before the dutch beat the seas once again.. The boat and smoke indicate the winddirection so it is useful art too. But well it reminded me about the direction we might take the world!

zaterdag, februari 03, 2007

together for life..

I bet you thought I had given up on the post every day thing. I did write 3 posts in my head but I ended up reading on the sofa (Joop ter Heul for all my Dutch readers ;-).. I would love to write about my favourite childhood books like I see so may people do but I wonder how interesting that would be for the nondutch…

This morning in the paper I was intrigued by an interview in my newspaper by a guy who told that it was dumb to find a partner at 15 and then marry for the rest of your life. It obviously troubled me because that was exactly what I did. I found myself the best guy in the world in September 90 and we are still going strong. He made it seem like it was boring and life to interesting to stay with one partner. It made me smile. He reminded me of people who fly of to the other site of the world 6 times a year to stay in a hotel and tell it broadens their world so much. Is it a better way to travel then to take your bike or your feet and travel slow? It is a different journey that’s for sure but who judges what is best?

I think this guy underestimates the adventure of commitment. Marriage is about growing together and keep learning. A relationship that spans a lifetime has the potential to be way deeper and stronger then the 6 relationship of another person combined..

I don’t say everybody should stay together there are very very good reasons for divorce! But I do want to say that change for the illusion of change does seem a bit shallow..

See how I shift from being a craft blogger even a week into this challenge!

donderdag, februari 01, 2007

Crafting together


yesterday I started to work on my new sewingclass project when son declared he wanted to sew something. After much deliberation he decided on a wallet.. And he did it. He patiently sew sew and sew. I was so proud. he took it too school this morning and his teacher decided he had to show it to the entire class! So now he is proud too. ( I did the button and hole but he has sewn the sides. Being only 4 it is quite an achievement.. )

The box it is leaning on is a thrift find I spotted today in a charityshop a children's toolbox for the price of of 2 euro 50 cents. So that in a few years time he can work alongside dad too! (oh now we sound like a traditional household!