maandag, januari 22, 2007

Mail on Monday

well of course there almost never is any mail on monday but I have saved up some mail to show. I'm almost embarrased to show you the lovely organiser mirre form kisskuss has made for me.. I was so determined to show it off in use and well that's why it took about 4 months (not my strong point organising).

Then this came a belated birthdaypresent for daughter from us. Beautiful bedding for her dollbed made by Manda.

And this one I will call why the internet is dangerous. Bought when actually trying to sell something on marktplaats..

2 opmerkingen:

Mirre zei

Ik ben eigenlijk ook beter in organizers maken dan ze te gebruiken ;)

jojo* zei

Look at all your goodies! Lucky you! I feel the time is coming to make myself a pocket organizer.