maandag, januari 29, 2007

I got all emotional about my pyama's last week.

And it was before the sleepdisaster (which starts to resolve itself!)... My excuse for getting tears in my eyes over a pyamashirt is that I was a bit drunk. It was the most expensive drunk I've ever been.. My parents treated the family on a dinner here.. And oh they deserve their 3 stars for the food but they could've gotten them by feeding the judges wine.. That was good wine and the best part was it was hang over free wine.. I opened my eyes carefully the next morning expected the hammering to start and I was fine.. Oh millionaires live a good life!

Anyway I came home to a nice hotelroom and decided I loved my life my husband and my new boots (bought for the occasion) and then I unpacked this shirt and read this on the back inside: It is a mystery to me how this ended in here and I had to grin at how many times I had worn this shirt without feeling this words, without believing them. But that glorious drunken moment I knew these words were true and I hold on to them the whole week of no sleep...

I have decided to be very fashionably late and restart the post every day thing. I tried in November and I failed but I am curious if I can do it and what it will do in my life.. Stay tuned!

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chest of drawers zei

Wonderful post! Sounds like a good night, good wine and new boots! What more could a girl want!