woensdag, januari 03, 2007

How I love januari

away with the christmastree! Go candles, go stuff.. Let there be light and space and cleanliness.. I came to work yesterday and there stood the office paperdestroyer chewing away stuff that could be thrown away. I havewn't really started the good stuff yet in the office upstaird but I feel the need and the happiness about how it will be so much that I am quite surprised everytime I see the mess there. Not the dreading I can't do this feeling but the oh boy this will be so good. I love januari I think it might be a crafters thing because all blogs seem to share my love affair with the month and in real life I only see people moaning about it.

Oudjaarsavond was great. Even better then anticipated....The best thing about impulse family trips. No build up of expectations

Yesterday I saw this with my son. It was so much fun. We were with Meike and her mom and she even brought her bag. It was quite funny to see it being used. It's funny shape turned out quite practical for a little girl..

Yesterday it was also a year ago that I wrote this post my very first..
So to honour the blogbirthday I am op en to request what should I write about? Let me know!
I am quite happy to still be here and have fun. There were several of us starting around then and a lot of blogs are not around anymore (are you still reading in London Poppit?)

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chest of drawers zei

Happy Blog Birthday!!!I am happy to continue reading about your day to day adventures but if you like, you can answer the questions here:

autum zei

Congratulations on a year of blogging!! I enjoy reading whatever you choose to write about. Keep it up!!!
Happy New Year!

Amy zei

Happy blog birthday! Mine is next week too. Glad you are here. I'll request my favorite: a list. :-)

jojo* zei

I need to start packing away the Christmas stuff. I'm scared to do it when the kids are awake though, I don't want to deal with the crying. Ha!

Happy blogiversary :) I enjoy reading your blog, Mijk.