vrijdag, januari 12, 2007

freaking out!

This first week post holidays hasn't been fun. My todller spent 40% of our time together screaming on the floor. My work mounts up, my house is a mess and in between I am supposed to start a bussiness. Doubts creap up. If I am not able to keep myt house vaccumed why would I be able to succesfully have a bussiness.. I am tired and scared and so stressed about nothing that I completely forgot to go to school today to pick up son.. I feel so overwhelmed.. I've gotmy first reular interview with a client tomorrow. But the bussinesspart is overwhelming.. I needx to get a grip azn d thinking that paralysing panick sets in..

And then writing this a small voice inside laughs and has a bit of fun. Because I know I will do this and I am able to do this. Because I want to and I can..

I will be allright!

2 opmerkingen:

elianne zei

vingers in je oren en vooral naar dat stemmetje luisteren!

chest of drawers zei

Yes! You can do this and you will be able to do thi - one step at a time.