woensdag, januari 31, 2007

My about page still says I am a photographer

but in all honesty I do take pictures on Holiday's but this has been the last time I 've been seriously out and about with my camera on a normal day.

I so want to change this so I have decided I will start taking pictures when we are driving. So coming home from the puppies I started it was a bit late and getting dark but I have got a feeling that I will keep this up. It was so much fun!

Even the ones that technically failed can have their beauty!
I seem a little obsessed with trees!

dinsdag, januari 30, 2007

The unbelievable cuteness of puppies

There have been seriously cute puppies on the internet lately. Here and here for example but I think I've got the winners here on my lap..

maandag, januari 29, 2007

I got all emotional about my pyama's last week.

And it was before the sleepdisaster (which starts to resolve itself!)... My excuse for getting tears in my eyes over a pyamashirt is that I was a bit drunk. It was the most expensive drunk I've ever been.. My parents treated the family on a dinner here.. And oh they deserve their 3 stars for the food but they could've gotten them by feeding the judges wine.. That was good wine and the best part was it was hang over free wine.. I opened my eyes carefully the next morning expected the hammering to start and I was fine.. Oh millionaires live a good life!

Anyway I came home to a nice hotelroom and decided I loved my life my husband and my new boots (bought for the occasion) and then I unpacked this shirt and read this on the back inside: It is a mystery to me how this ended in here and I had to grin at how many times I had worn this shirt without feeling this words, without believing them. But that glorious drunken moment I knew these words were true and I hold on to them the whole week of no sleep...

I have decided to be very fashionably late and restart the post every day thing. I tried in November and I failed but I am curious if I can do it and what it will do in my life.. Stay tuned!

vrijdag, januari 26, 2007

Bedtime is over

daughter has decided sleep is overrated. we have veen up for 2 til 3 hours every night since the weekend and we are close to breaking.. Will post when awake...

maandag, januari 22, 2007

Mail on Monday

well of course there almost never is any mail on monday but I have saved up some mail to show. I'm almost embarrased to show you the lovely organiser mirre form kisskuss has made for me.. I was so determined to show it off in use and well that's why it took about 4 months (not my strong point organising).

Then this came a belated birthdaypresent for daughter from us. Beautiful bedding for her dollbed made by Manda.

And this one I will call why the internet is dangerous. Bought when actually trying to sell something on marktplaats..

vrijdag, januari 19, 2007

Most shallow reason for chosing a school ever..

I swear I didn't know this at the time, but one of the parents of my sons school has a buttonfactory. So all yesterdays buttons end up in the craftingsuplies of said school (most of them ordinary dark buttons but sometimes there is a treasure to be found!) and then in some of them in my home. Glued on hedgehogss or used in cute necklaces..

Last week my son had 10 buttons in his trouserpocket. "I loved them so much mom, there are tiny flowers in them". I could so feel for him but still had him to return them to his teacher. But maybe, one day when he forgets about this necklace, I make something nice with that lovely brass one (By the way the necklace is for dad not for me, according to son I have enough necklaces!)

donderdag, januari 18, 2007

little W.I.P.

a small patchwork bag I've been working on. Love the colours! Sorry about the drab pictures but it will be gray here until April I am afraid, so there is no light and well it is this or no picutres ..

zondag, januari 14, 2007

Had I ever shown you how

this has ended? I don't think so. Ever since this sweater was finished it has been either worn or washed. So I took my chance to photograph while folding laundry..I like how it ended There are mistakes and an accident with textile paint.. The one letter that I have embroidered was done in silver textilepaint that disappeared in the washingmachine! But the main mistakes I find I see in the magazine-edition as well (to see that picture follow the link above) . So they are more pattern faults then Mijkfaults! The other picture is the birthdaycake of daughter. she loves little Bumba!

vrijdag, januari 12, 2007

freaking out!

This first week post holidays hasn't been fun. My todller spent 40% of our time together screaming on the floor. My work mounts up, my house is a mess and in between I am supposed to start a bussiness. Doubts creap up. If I am not able to keep myt house vaccumed why would I be able to succesfully have a bussiness.. I am tired and scared and so stressed about nothing that I completely forgot to go to school today to pick up son.. I feel so overwhelmed.. I've gotmy first reular interview with a client tomorrow. But the bussinesspart is overwhelming.. I needx to get a grip azn d thinking that paralysing panick sets in..

And then writing this a small voice inside laughs and has a bit of fun. Because I know I will do this and I am able to do this. Because I want to and I can..

I will be allright!

woensdag, januari 10, 2007

We Wil be getting a puppie!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy the breeder left an answer on our answeringmachine and she recorded one of the puppies onthe phone. So so cute I am so very happy!

Normal posting will resume after we finished the timeconusmingproces of choosing a name. We will need it saturday..

dinsdag, januari 09, 2007

Think positive thoughts

The litter of pups was born on sunday. Unfortunately the girls are a minority. We really want a girl this time (Most of the people that can help out walking etcetera have boys around here) One potential owner hadn't made his mind up. If he goes for a boy we will have a puppy. I've already cried hard and long just the thought of missing out makes me cry....... And that guy now doesn't pick up his phone.. So I don't even know how long this misery will go on!

zaterdag, januari 06, 2007

OK because I am going to be organised


I'll show you the last christmaspics of the season before the big birthdayparty tomorrow! (the daughter will be 2! The christmasvillage Its a little small village a shop a church and a school I guess next year we will really need a house! Ou r own little elf! The dress is Eliza Gran very very much for sale (10 pounds, it will be her birthdaydress as well it 's to gorgeous to wear just once!) And the christmascake. I only had one colour and some leftover marzipan so it had to a snowman! And you thought your tree lost needles? we had the winner I am entirely sure!

woensdag, januari 03, 2007

How I love januari

away with the christmastree! Go candles, go stuff.. Let there be light and space and cleanliness.. I came to work yesterday and there stood the office paperdestroyer chewing away stuff that could be thrown away. I havewn't really started the good stuff yet in the office upstaird but I feel the need and the happiness about how it will be so much that I am quite surprised everytime I see the mess there. Not the dreading I can't do this feeling but the oh boy this will be so good. I love januari I think it might be a crafters thing because all blogs seem to share my love affair with the month and in real life I only see people moaning about it.

Oudjaarsavond was great. Even better then anticipated....The best thing about impulse family trips. No build up of expectations

Yesterday I saw this with my son. It was so much fun. We were with Meike and her mom and she even brought her bag. It was quite funny to see it being used. It's funny shape turned out quite practical for a little girl..

Yesterday it was also a year ago that I wrote this post my very first..
So to honour the blogbirthday I am op en to request what should I write about? Let me know!
I am quite happy to still be here and have fun. There were several of us starting around then and a lot of blogs are not around anymore (are you still reading in London Poppit?)

dinsdag, januari 02, 2007

Because dots make me so happy

The laundryroom finally comes together!
It won't be black but I''ll try to minimize the pink ;-)