donderdag, december 21, 2006

The year in sentences

Why blog?
Because I like to read them that's why.

All the first sentences of the first posts of the month:

I'd expected

whip up to be a good read but it was truly thought provoking.

I can't believe the word I was looking for for this pre-easterperiod is Lent

I love this room.

there is an entry

below my last one.

I actually made something

and I shouldn't post it here because it is a surprise.

I am about to alienate my postoffice for life..

it is my boy's fault thought.

My sewingclass starts in september

o it was high time to try some clothes sewing on my own because well, isn't it fun to just figure it out all by yourself... ?

I so planned a neat thought out post with lovely pictures and interesting content.

This year again I got romantic about fall.

Broke the cirle

of daily posts on the first of November no less.

My life in some pictures

to busy for words..!

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Gina zei

I'm so so so SORRY, the package I sent back in the end of Oct, was returned. I can't read the language on the box but I'm assuming I messed up the address. Can you resend me your address and I will get it back in the mail. It will be a little late for Christmas but nice surprises for next year.