zondag, december 31, 2006


old years eve that's what we call tonight. It seems silly to call it new years eve.. Watching grumpy people on the bbc I realised that it is more then a different title. We do tend to look back on the year that has been instead of thinking about the next. There are of course parties to be happy and get drunk but being nostalgic and melancholic is quite accepted too.. I will be at my parents house tonight and my dad and me being melancholic souls will start oudejaarsavond going to church. It is always a special service. Mostly older people and the service will be disturbed by early fire works. At home we will eat oliebollen and appelbeignets.

We might play a game (trivial pursuit is quite a typical old and new activity (we do call it that too sometimes oud en nieuw).

Then television. We dutch love our cabaret (read the link because this is where a word might mean a completely different thing in your country). De oudejaarsconference is an old dutch tradition. It is a cabaret programme that looks back on the year. It is the perfect night for cabaret that usually has lods too laugh but a bittersweet melancholic feel too. This year Lebbis and Jansen will be there so I will sing 'Dat komt nooit meer terug' (that will never return)with my whole family. a song about the year and every verse is ended with that will never return. i like it a lot better then auld long syne ;-)

!2 o'clock we kiss have Dom Perignon, go outside to light our fireworks and meet our neighbours Inside or outside depending on the weather. Daughter will probably be up too because of the fireworks and we will try very hard to wake son this yeart(last year we tried for 20 minutes even with wet cloths and he refused to wake! ) .

Oud en nieuw is a big thing I really don't know anybody between 5 and 75 who won't be up
We get in the car now and will start the celebrations. Have a good end and a lovely beginning. See you next year!

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Mirre zei

Veel plezier vanavond!!!

elianne zei

Jij ook een heel goed 2007.
Ik vond op mijn werk een artikel waarbij ik aan jou moest denken. Het gaat over een hoogleraar gerontologie die pleit voor het gebruik van levensverhalen in de zorg. heb een copy gemaakt voor je. Als je me via mijn hotmail je adres stuurt stuur ik het naar je op.( eliannevdp@hotmail.com)