maandag, december 04, 2006

My life in some pictures

to busy for words..! First the wreath on my frontdoor has changed colour. We are going for a natural christmaslook with this one. Don't worry about the bulbs and frost. It rains warm water here. The temperatures are so off my appletree flowers!

Then a homegrown project from the husband this strelidzia was grown form seed bought in Hawaii on a businesstrip 7 years ago this april. This is its first flower and we are proud ;-)

Another wreath for my brothers frontdoor. it was his birthday! And finally the son starting christmas deco early. I know half America is decked out for Christmas since last week. We are still in sinterklaas mood and will start the village next weekend and the tree the week afterwards. we really need a bit of downtime to get the kids normal. here son is playing with some old christmasornaments he found in the attic!

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jojo* zei

You should be proud of that flower. Can't believe you grew that from seed. And your wreaths are amazing. Merry Christmas!!! :)