woensdag, december 27, 2006

How can it be over

it was the second day of christmas yesterday. It can't be over now! Well two days was enoguh for mom and dad but indeed we had a wonderful christmas. With family. My inlaws living in china were over so it was very special seeing the nieces and nephews play together. It happens way to little..

second day of Christmas (we dutch do most major christian holidays in 2 days, saves arguments with the parents and in laws) was spent with only our smalll family. We traditionally eat chicken from our dutch oven we did lots of jigsaws and lightened loads of candles. Easy and very nice1

Today I needed to be out of the house and took son with me downtown. Under this christmastree a skatingring is set up. There were people sculpting icesculptures and it was nice. There also was a ferrywheel . So so wanted in. I do not like these things I never liked them I once went in with my then 85 year old granddad Who was at the very top and decided to go sit in the other end and walked around the thing with his walking cane. Son however was good as gold and we liked it a lot. Until I noticed that the wheel keeper was nowhere to be seen and we went round after round.. It was so cold! (Really it was a degree above freezingpoint today! )

I've spent the evening choosing pictures for my childrens albums and cleaning the office. It is never to late to realise your new years resolution isn't it!

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