vrijdag, december 22, 2006

Deep thoughts on the end of the year..

I think I developed a bit of performance-anxiety on the blogfront this last couple of months. Somehow I decided that my blog needs to be as cute and pretty and faultfree as the blogs of others. Fortunately that made me do the first sentence of the month meme (in wich I in true mijkstyle messed up the layout big time!)

However I spent a happy hour reading my own blog yesterday and I liked what I read and did realise that the pretty picture neatly worded blogthing is not my thing. The best blogging in my own opinion was the thinking and tryingposts. So From now on I will be checking in with myself before posting..

It was fun to read my year . How I have almost forgotten the terrible terrible nights of no sleep this spring, and how I did manage to craft quite regularly. I mean I crafted for the first time in a decade october 2005 and Now I am delving in new things making stuf more then once in a month..

it wasn't realy my year 2006 It wasn't bad but it was struggeling. I needed a week of me like 3 weeks in the year (it went wrong with two sick kids!) I felt like I wasn't going anywhere that no change was to be made and then just in the end of the year I unfolded my wings and jumped. So far so good. It made my year so much better just to know I've demanded a change for the new year..

I might post pretty christmass pictures sometime soon and then again I might not.....

2 opmerkingen:

autum zei

I enjoy your blog the way it is because it is "you".
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Amy zei

Me too - I enjoy your fresh perspective and deep thoughts -- and your lists :-), of course - but only when you enjoy making them.

I've been having a bit of a blog identity crisis as well lately -- craft identity crisis, regular identity crisis... It's all related...