zondag, december 31, 2006


old years eve that's what we call tonight. It seems silly to call it new years eve.. Watching grumpy people on the bbc I realised that it is more then a different title. We do tend to look back on the year that has been instead of thinking about the next. There are of course parties to be happy and get drunk but being nostalgic and melancholic is quite accepted too.. I will be at my parents house tonight and my dad and me being melancholic souls will start oudejaarsavond going to church. It is always a special service. Mostly older people and the service will be disturbed by early fire works. At home we will eat oliebollen and appelbeignets.

We might play a game (trivial pursuit is quite a typical old and new activity (we do call it that too sometimes oud en nieuw).

Then television. We dutch love our cabaret (read the link because this is where a word might mean a completely different thing in your country). De oudejaarsconference is an old dutch tradition. It is a cabaret programme that looks back on the year. It is the perfect night for cabaret that usually has lods too laugh but a bittersweet melancholic feel too. This year Lebbis and Jansen will be there so I will sing 'Dat komt nooit meer terug' (that will never return)with my whole family. a song about the year and every verse is ended with that will never return. i like it a lot better then auld long syne ;-)

!2 o'clock we kiss have Dom Perignon, go outside to light our fireworks and meet our neighbours Inside or outside depending on the weather. Daughter will probably be up too because of the fireworks and we will try very hard to wake son this yeart(last year we tried for 20 minutes even with wet cloths and he refused to wake! ) .

Oud en nieuw is a big thing I really don't know anybody between 5 and 75 who won't be up
We get in the car now and will start the celebrations. Have a good end and a lovely beginning. See you next year!

woensdag, december 27, 2006

How can it be over

it was the second day of christmas yesterday. It can't be over now! Well two days was enoguh for mom and dad but indeed we had a wonderful christmas. With family. My inlaws living in china were over so it was very special seeing the nieces and nephews play together. It happens way to little..

second day of Christmas (we dutch do most major christian holidays in 2 days, saves arguments with the parents and in laws) was spent with only our smalll family. We traditionally eat chicken from our dutch oven we did lots of jigsaws and lightened loads of candles. Easy and very nice1

Today I needed to be out of the house and took son with me downtown. Under this christmastree a skatingring is set up. There were people sculpting icesculptures and it was nice. There also was a ferrywheel . So so wanted in. I do not like these things I never liked them I once went in with my then 85 year old granddad Who was at the very top and decided to go sit in the other end and walked around the thing with his walking cane. Son however was good as gold and we liked it a lot. Until I noticed that the wheel keeper was nowhere to be seen and we went round after round.. It was so cold! (Really it was a degree above freezingpoint today! )

I've spent the evening choosing pictures for my childrens albums and cleaning the office. It is never to late to realise your new years resolution isn't it!

zondag, december 24, 2006

The difference between fantasyland and the real world

In fantasyland it snows at chrismas time but in my real life backgarden the appletree flowers in december....

vrijdag, december 22, 2006

Deep thoughts on the end of the year..

I think I developed a bit of performance-anxiety on the blogfront this last couple of months. Somehow I decided that my blog needs to be as cute and pretty and faultfree as the blogs of others. Fortunately that made me do the first sentence of the month meme (in wich I in true mijkstyle messed up the layout big time!)

However I spent a happy hour reading my own blog yesterday and I liked what I read and did realise that the pretty picture neatly worded blogthing is not my thing. The best blogging in my own opinion was the thinking and tryingposts. So From now on I will be checking in with myself before posting..

It was fun to read my year . How I have almost forgotten the terrible terrible nights of no sleep this spring, and how I did manage to craft quite regularly. I mean I crafted for the first time in a decade october 2005 and Now I am delving in new things making stuf more then once in a month..

it wasn't realy my year 2006 It wasn't bad but it was struggeling. I needed a week of me like 3 weeks in the year (it went wrong with two sick kids!) I felt like I wasn't going anywhere that no change was to be made and then just in the end of the year I unfolded my wings and jumped. So far so good. It made my year so much better just to know I've demanded a change for the new year..

I might post pretty christmass pictures sometime soon and then again I might not.....

donderdag, december 21, 2006

The year in sentences

Why blog?
Because I like to read them that's why.

All the first sentences of the first posts of the month:

I'd expected

whip up to be a good read but it was truly thought provoking.

I can't believe the word I was looking for for this pre-easterperiod is Lent

I love this room.

there is an entry

below my last one.

I actually made something

and I shouldn't post it here because it is a surprise.

I am about to alienate my postoffice for life..

it is my boy's fault thought.

My sewingclass starts in september

o it was high time to try some clothes sewing on my own because well, isn't it fun to just figure it out all by yourself... ?

I so planned a neat thought out post with lovely pictures and interesting content.

This year again I got romantic about fall.

Broke the cirle

of daily posts on the first of November no less.

My life in some pictures

to busy for words..!

maandag, december 04, 2006

My life in some pictures

to busy for words..! First the wreath on my frontdoor has changed colour. We are going for a natural christmaslook with this one. Don't worry about the bulbs and frost. It rains warm water here. The temperatures are so off my appletree flowers!

Then a homegrown project from the husband this strelidzia was grown form seed bought in Hawaii on a businesstrip 7 years ago this april. This is its first flower and we are proud ;-)

Another wreath for my brothers frontdoor. it was his birthday! And finally the son starting christmas deco early. I know half America is decked out for Christmas since last week. We are still in sinterklaas mood and will start the village next weekend and the tree the week afterwards. we really need a bit of downtime to get the kids normal. here son is playing with some old christmasornaments he found in the attic!