donderdag, november 16, 2006

Work temporarily not in progress

I was sewing away happily this morning when I heard the loud clonk sound that usual precedes a broken needle.. I closed my eyes (I once had a needle thrown right next to my eyeball and needles scare me since.. It didn't appeared broken but my machine doesn't do anything. No movement at all. I can only guess that I have somehow managed to bend the needle into the machine. Suspect a walking away bobbincase. Could be interesting job for the husband ;-)

I'm quite exited about this little project . My son chose this sweater as the thing he wanted me to make the most out of all the 6 pattern mags I have. When I declared that work had started he happily told me that when I finished this supercool sweater I could bring all of his other sweaters to the the thriftshop. Children always know how to put the pressure on don't they ?

I'm quite happy too because it involves appliqueing and I just love doing this! Here is how it is going to look sort of.. ( I have orange arms and a darkgreen back, collars are undecided yet )

P>S> The 16 th november and this is my 7th post. But I am not giving up Oh no ...

2 opmerkingen:

Amy zei

Wow - that is an ambitious project! Children do ratchet up the crafting don't they? Bea asked me to make goat nipples the other day for one of her stuffed goats!

Hope it is an easy fix on the machine!!

Mirre zei

Dat wordt een hele leuke trui!
Hoop dat je machine het snel weer doet!!