woensdag, november 15, 2006


Yesterday I was working so so hard when my keyboard died just like that. Desperate to get out I didn't search for batteries long in the house I indeed decided I needed knew ones. Bought in the shop next tot my favourite thriftshop. Ha,Who was I kidding. So this is the result of my guiltridden thriftingadventure. I got so much good stuff in 10 minutes! The blue cloth is a pinny apron. This embroidered style is so dutch. These are the kind of aprons that are sole in church fairs and made in carehomes. I've got a greenbib one aswell. I wouldn't have bought it I think if blogging hadn't make me think so much about aprons. The fabric was good especially since the roses go perfect with a wool I had bought there before so it will become a scarf crating companion style.. The black and white is wool too and the white corduroy is quite soft and will be the backing of a baby quilt. The real treasure were the books this time. A Sinterklaas reading book for son and lovely goodies for me: From the animals in winter book the illustrations are so good.. Look at these birds. Oh this makes me long for snow too. The soft toys book is so good. They actually put the least attractive things on the front Look inside Mice and elephants! It was such a great book. I love the fabrics aswell! But the best buy has to be the snailbook. It is written by somebody who has snails as pets! I love snails and Have hundreds of homemade snailpictures. It never occurred to me to make this book. But now I own it forever. Look snail love!

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autum zei

Snail love??
You sure did find lots in 10 minutes. Those soft toys are great!