donderdag, november 09, 2006

Things learned in sewingclass

* I can indeed sew a bit.

* I have a top class sewing machine (the class one has about a fifth of the gadgets of my home one, now if only I knew how to use them ;-)

* I like sewing

* That said I indeed am an instant gratification kind of girl and when making something complicated I will cut corners

* It isn't the inside that counts. (At least I hope. The dress is very cute outside and could've been neater on the inside)

*You should never compare yourself with nicu nurses when sewing. They are neat and tidy and precise They should be. I am a journalist I'm a always in a hurry and superficial by nature.. I already knew that of course since receiving this loot.

*And really, I have learned a lot I have managed to put in arms in a dress, and a zipper and a did normal hems and normal neckthingies (Don't know the english word for the piece of cloth on the inside that makes things look nice).

* The dress is in the washingmachine since my dear daughter managed to get it seriously dirty while test wearing it 3 minutes

P.S. We will be awya a couple of days. Have a fantastic Sint Maarten!

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