dinsdag, november 14, 2006

So much for daily posting ;-)

I am back with pictures (and not much else ;-) Here is my coffeebreak treat! I am working seriously hard because the one time in the year that I am superfast with the paper (because I actually hired a hardworking fellow for the monday while I was on the beach) my printer needs me to be a day early because someone stole an important computerthingie during the weekend..

So I deserved this horiblelooking thing that is actually a local thing in Zeeland. I have got a soft spot for them since my summerholidays as a child when my grandma used to buy them for us.. (Its just bread covered in sticky cinammonssugar).

The other is the DRESS, the never ending challenge that finally was finished. Here it is in all it's worn glory. (The red dot is tomato soup and it smells of cigarette smoke (my family are of the smoking type). It was loved and it looked so cute. I tried to make pictures on the day but the light was just too bad..

So from now on I will try to achieve my one post a day thing. I even went thrifting so I was sure I would've something to share with you all...

3 opmerkingen:

mirre zei

Love the dress!!

elianne zei

ohhh bolussen...mmm.. geweldig jurkje!

chest of drawers zei

Love the dress too! And the treat, looks like our local "Reindling" inside out. We make a bread with the sticky cinnamon stuff inside.