woensdag, november 22, 2006

The long version!

I have been the (only) editor of a churchpapaer now for almost 7 years and I loved it for a long time but the love wasn't as big as it has been. So I thought and thought and knew for some time that changes was needed. And finally last monday I rode my bike and just knew that the time had come, when I went home I would phone the boss. And so I did (after phoning the husband).

Yesterday when I told volunteers They all asked, what are you gonna do now (I am not considered sahm material apparently). I started with I don't know but when they put on some pressure I had to tell about the idea that has been brewing for some time. I want to start a business that writes lifestories.

Everybody has got a story, a lot of people write them down themselves and I think a whole lot would want to and don't manage or don't think they can do that. I would love to help.
So that is the very short bussinessplan.

It will be a while for I really am free. I stop at the 1st of april. Yesterday was a really special day. Last year I read a book called the creatiespiraal . This book focuses on
how everybody can achieve his dreams. According to this guy the dreams that are really true for you will be granted in one way or another. One of the things he said is that you should speak out your dreams. Because people will help you realise them. I so experienced that yesterday. I got so much good advice and even two possible volunteers to work out methods. The encouragement was so that I went from I don't know till I am going to in just 6 hours.

Elianne asked me how it felt to quit. I thnk the picture says it all.......
I must honestly say it is the most wonderful feeling. I am relieved and I feel like ideas spill from my ears so overflown with creativity I feel. Not only for new things but also renewed enthusiasm for my current job. To finish it on a real high!

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elianne zei

follow your dreams!
well done Mijk.

chest of drawers zei

That´s wonderful! FLY!!!!!

Amy zei

I'm happy for you and wish you the very very best as you make this big transition. It will be exciting to hear about it!