vrijdag, november 17, 2006

Have been crafting!

Made myself a shawl. Thanks to the crafting companion as always I was shocked by how difficult I find it to cut large straight lines in cloth. Anyone a secret tip I am unaware of?

The effect is great I think I love these fabrics together they seem to be made for one another. They might beactually, they are from the same charityshop and I know they keep things in the back sometimes..

I also made a seasonal wreath as a homewarming present for a friend I am going to see this afternoon. The picture is a bit weir I admit but It was the only free nail in the house to hang it from !

Season here of course means Sinterklaas. Christmas is lightyears away. That does mean we might be even busier then you because the steamboat arrives tomorrow! And 'Pakjesavond '(literal translation: package-evening) is the 5th of december and in our place the 2th aswell..
Stay tuned for Sinterklaas blogging!

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Sarah and Jack zei

Do you use a rotary cutter? That helps with the straight line thing sometimes.