donderdag, november 02, 2006

Broke the cirle

of daily posts on the first of November no less. I so was going to do that post every day oft he month for a month thing! I wrote a long post yesterday about why I craft inspired by craftivity and I did it on the laptop and the battery died and half of my post was down I promise to do it later. I included a list of inspirations. I hate doing things twice (my inability to learn remember!) So you'll have to wait.

I'm of to hug the dog above. Who I am so sad to tell you seems really to be in the last days of his life quite suddenly. Not a lot has been done today I can assure you! How can we miss him ?

3 opmerkingen:

elianne zei

je zult het niet geloven maar ik was even in verwarring...onze hond op jou site?? Onze hond heeft een wit pootje maar ze hebben precies dezelfde kop. Zal je binnenkort een foto laten zien
Enne....fijn van die cirkel..up you go

autum zei

Oh, I'm so sorry. He's beautiful, such sweet eyes. I hope he gets better.

Amy zei

I was going to do that post a day thing too and then promptly failed as well. I understand.

I'm sorry about your dog - I'm sure it will be quite hard -- he looks so sweet. All my dogs died very suddenly so I've never experienced it.