donderdag, november 30, 2006

Breath in, breath out

the phone rang while I peeled potatos. It was a customer. The first customer of my new business. So instead of having a couple of months to think about prices and stuff like that, |I have a couple of days!

So happ,y so excited, so cared!

vrijdag, november 24, 2006

We had chinese takeaway and no Turkey yesterday

(Ok wanted to include a picture and now we are two days further in time )

but still I want to shout a big thanks to all you readers lurkers and bloggers. Because although I probably never will be a topcrafter this crafting and bloggingcommunity has helped so much in gaining confidence and trust in my own abilities and passions. Seeing so many women following their hearts and their dreams and do what they really love to do made me ready to go and try on my own. I hope you will follow the journey in times to come!

Love you all but if you lurk here I would love to know who you are. Do say hi!

In the picture an i-podcover I made my brothers girlfriend. I am now doing one for him in soft camel..

woensdag, november 22, 2006

The long version!

I have been the (only) editor of a churchpapaer now for almost 7 years and I loved it for a long time but the love wasn't as big as it has been. So I thought and thought and knew for some time that changes was needed. And finally last monday I rode my bike and just knew that the time had come, when I went home I would phone the boss. And so I did (after phoning the husband).

Yesterday when I told volunteers They all asked, what are you gonna do now (I am not considered sahm material apparently). I started with I don't know but when they put on some pressure I had to tell about the idea that has been brewing for some time. I want to start a business that writes lifestories.

Everybody has got a story, a lot of people write them down themselves and I think a whole lot would want to and don't manage or don't think they can do that. I would love to help.
So that is the very short bussinessplan.

It will be a while for I really am free. I stop at the 1st of april. Yesterday was a really special day. Last year I read a book called the creatiespiraal . This book focuses on
how everybody can achieve his dreams. According to this guy the dreams that are really true for you will be granted in one way or another. One of the things he said is that you should speak out your dreams. Because people will help you realise them. I so experienced that yesterday. I got so much good advice and even two possible volunteers to work out methods. The encouragement was so that I went from I don't know till I am going to in just 6 hours.

Elianne asked me how it felt to quit. I thnk the picture says it all.......
I must honestly say it is the most wonderful feeling. I am relieved and I feel like ideas spill from my ears so overflown with creativity I feel. Not only for new things but also renewed enthusiasm for my current job. To finish it on a real high!

dinsdag, november 21, 2006

the short version

I quit my job yesterday

maandag, november 20, 2006

Sinterklaas has arrived

We saw him coming on the television this weekend and then my little ones met him on grandpa's work. Aren't they cute all dressed up. My son is a major no-sayer to dressing up and this is the first time ever I've seen him in any costume longer then 2 minutes. The girl was a natural though! The white capething is a vintage apron. She so wanted something like her brother had! And Zwarte Pieten do have white collars so it was kind of fitting. If you want some background on festivities read this . Wikipedia does is way better then I ever could!

One thing to add. We dutch never thought to attribute only some of the presents to Sinterklaas as smart American have done with Santa. So we have to work very hard ad hiding all the presents. Difficult sometimes but the biggest relieve. It frees me from handmaking anything ;-)

So in other news I 've done something lifechanging just 10 minutes qago and I have to keep still for a little while longer. But does my head spin right now!

vrijdag, november 17, 2006

Have been crafting!

Made myself a shawl. Thanks to the crafting companion as always I was shocked by how difficult I find it to cut large straight lines in cloth. Anyone a secret tip I am unaware of?

The effect is great I think I love these fabrics together they seem to be made for one another. They might beactually, they are from the same charityshop and I know they keep things in the back sometimes..

I also made a seasonal wreath as a homewarming present for a friend I am going to see this afternoon. The picture is a bit weir I admit but It was the only free nail in the house to hang it from !

Season here of course means Sinterklaas. Christmas is lightyears away. That does mean we might be even busier then you because the steamboat arrives tomorrow! And 'Pakjesavond '(literal translation: package-evening) is the 5th of december and in our place the 2th aswell..
Stay tuned for Sinterklaas blogging!

donderdag, november 16, 2006

Work temporarily not in progress

I was sewing away happily this morning when I heard the loud clonk sound that usual precedes a broken needle.. I closed my eyes (I once had a needle thrown right next to my eyeball and needles scare me since.. It didn't appeared broken but my machine doesn't do anything. No movement at all. I can only guess that I have somehow managed to bend the needle into the machine. Suspect a walking away bobbincase. Could be interesting job for the husband ;-)

I'm quite exited about this little project . My son chose this sweater as the thing he wanted me to make the most out of all the 6 pattern mags I have. When I declared that work had started he happily told me that when I finished this supercool sweater I could bring all of his other sweaters to the the thriftshop. Children always know how to put the pressure on don't they ?

I'm quite happy too because it involves appliqueing and I just love doing this! Here is how it is going to look sort of.. ( I have orange arms and a darkgreen back, collars are undecided yet )

P>S> The 16 th november and this is my 7th post. But I am not giving up Oh no ...

woensdag, november 15, 2006


Yesterday I was working so so hard when my keyboard died just like that. Desperate to get out I didn't search for batteries long in the house I indeed decided I needed knew ones. Bought in the shop next tot my favourite thriftshop. Ha,Who was I kidding. So this is the result of my guiltridden thriftingadventure. I got so much good stuff in 10 minutes! The blue cloth is a pinny apron. This embroidered style is so dutch. These are the kind of aprons that are sole in church fairs and made in carehomes. I've got a greenbib one aswell. I wouldn't have bought it I think if blogging hadn't make me think so much about aprons. The fabric was good especially since the roses go perfect with a wool I had bought there before so it will become a scarf crating companion style.. The black and white is wool too and the white corduroy is quite soft and will be the backing of a baby quilt. The real treasure were the books this time. A Sinterklaas reading book for son and lovely goodies for me: From the animals in winter book the illustrations are so good.. Look at these birds. Oh this makes me long for snow too. The soft toys book is so good. They actually put the least attractive things on the front Look inside Mice and elephants! It was such a great book. I love the fabrics aswell! But the best buy has to be the snailbook. It is written by somebody who has snails as pets! I love snails and Have hundreds of homemade snailpictures. It never occurred to me to make this book. But now I own it forever. Look snail love!

dinsdag, november 14, 2006

So much for daily posting ;-)

I am back with pictures (and not much else ;-) Here is my coffeebreak treat! I am working seriously hard because the one time in the year that I am superfast with the paper (because I actually hired a hardworking fellow for the monday while I was on the beach) my printer needs me to be a day early because someone stole an important computerthingie during the weekend..

So I deserved this horiblelooking thing that is actually a local thing in Zeeland. I have got a soft spot for them since my summerholidays as a child when my grandma used to buy them for us.. (Its just bread covered in sticky cinammonssugar).

The other is the DRESS, the never ending challenge that finally was finished. Here it is in all it's worn glory. (The red dot is tomato soup and it smells of cigarette smoke (my family are of the smoking type). It was loved and it looked so cute. I tried to make pictures on the day but the light was just too bad..

So from now on I will try to achieve my one post a day thing. I even went thrifting so I was sure I would've something to share with you all...

donderdag, november 09, 2006

Things learned in sewingclass

* I can indeed sew a bit.

* I have a top class sewing machine (the class one has about a fifth of the gadgets of my home one, now if only I knew how to use them ;-)

* I like sewing

* That said I indeed am an instant gratification kind of girl and when making something complicated I will cut corners

* It isn't the inside that counts. (At least I hope. The dress is very cute outside and could've been neater on the inside)

*You should never compare yourself with nicu nurses when sewing. They are neat and tidy and precise They should be. I am a journalist I'm a always in a hurry and superficial by nature.. I already knew that of course since receiving this loot.

*And really, I have learned a lot I have managed to put in arms in a dress, and a zipper and a did normal hems and normal neckthingies (Don't know the english word for the piece of cloth on the inside that makes things look nice).

* The dress is in the washingmachine since my dear daughter managed to get it seriously dirty while test wearing it 3 minutes

P.S. We will be awya a couple of days. Have a fantastic Sint Maarten!

maandag, november 06, 2006

I am failing miserably

on the post a thing a month thing. But well we are processing changes and grieve over here. So there is just not much to tell or share.. I am a bit shocked about how much my house feels foreign without it's dog? Like the soul of my house left with the dog. It feels cold and empty and even a bit hollow. Sounds this familiar to you petowners? Or am I going nuts. And then there is the thing of thanking the vet. I had planned to bring a little birthdaycake when dog had his 8th birthday but we were on holiday then and Now I so want to thank hem but I do not know how?

Have a little patience with me if you are not a dog lover
There will be crafting again and happiness I promise!

vrijdag, november 03, 2006

The best dog of the world has died today

We had no fair choice then to put the best dog ever down today. He had enough, he has been chronically ill for 3 years. Fought like a trooper, never gave in. But this time it was to much and the diagnosis gave no room for hope
So husband, boy and me took him to the vet were we hugged him and cried a lot and said goodbye. Taking son was a very very good decision. Heartbreaking but good. He had already made up so many stories in his head and it was good for him to see the sad but very unscary reality..

We stored his items in a box for one day when we will have a dog again.... And will get his ashes back to think of some ceremony..

So now get away from that computer and go hug your dog they deserve it!

donderdag, november 02, 2006

Broke the cirle

of daily posts on the first of November no less. I so was going to do that post every day oft he month for a month thing! I wrote a long post yesterday about why I craft inspired by craftivity and I did it on the laptop and the battery died and half of my post was down I promise to do it later. I included a list of inspirations. I hate doing things twice (my inability to learn remember!) So you'll have to wait.

I'm of to hug the dog above. Who I am so sad to tell you seems really to be in the last days of his life quite suddenly. Not a lot has been done today I can assure you! How can we miss him ?