vrijdag, oktober 06, 2006


It was about time to give a sewingclass update wasn't it. It is fun! It has a teacher who has a desire to change things and encourages in us. It features a lady who is sewing pyama's from vintage sheets.. So good.. But, doing things properly takes time. Man it takes a lot of time. I think this cute dress has taken like 5 hours allready and I haven't seen a sewingmachine. I have never taken so long to actually finish something. It isn't too bad because well I wanted to do things properly and it assures me that there are quite some things I do know.. So all in all not to bad..And working 5 hours on something is a lot better if you actually are quite sure your doing it right and that when you get in trouble there is somebody to ask..

Next week I'll have two evenings of class so hopefully I'll be on my way to finishing then..

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chest of drawers zei

Good on you! I would love to go to sewing classes and make something so lovely - I have been thinking about trying a dress for myself but haven´t had the courage yet.