dinsdag, oktober 17, 2006

What I have been up to?

I must say that was quit an unexpected blogbreak. Even I didn't see it coming. As you probably noticed I've changed to beta. I was lured by homemade banners and I can't manage to do it..I am not happy with the change but it can't be undone. Also I'm faced with adding my whole linkbar again.. Bleeeh. It is a scary thing this beta. Weirdbunny had it for a week and pulled here whole blog down.. I won't promise!

So what have I been up to? Just a couple of things in pictures.

We harvested the grapes. All 8 kilo's are now transformed in juice and jelly.. The washing in the bathtub made it an event for the children. Son was head of animal rescue..

That was last weekend this weekend I watched this:

Yea that's my boy sans training wheels. He went playing with a classmate on friday. He had two bikes but none with extra wheels. I thought son would manage but he was to scared to have them off his own bike., When I came to pick him up he was racing through the streets. It is such a huge milestone for a dutch boy. The whole street congratulated him when they saw him. Opa en Oma send a card and we had a goodbye trainingwheelparty (hey in our house any excuse for chines take-away is a good excuse ;-) And we had ice cream for dessert...

I have been sewing as well. The dress but also some new skyfelt bitty booties with embroidered bees..

Now I 'm back to deadlines again!

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jojo* zei

Grapes in the tub...I can see how that would be super exciting for the kids. The snails--yuck. And a big congrats to your boy riding his bike all on his own. That deserves a party!