dinsdag, oktober 03, 2006

Welcoming Autumn

This year again I got romantic about fall. I bought a lovely coppercoloured chrysantemum to brighten uop the frontdoor. And I crafted this fallwreath for the frontdoor. I so love the colours. It suited the day last friday. It was around 19 degrees C with sun . Spiderwebs were shining in the flowerbeds. I went searching for conkers with the cildren. The earth got that earthy smell that is so rich and autumny and I fell for it again.

And then the wind changed and yesterday it poored so heavy with rain that I was soaked within 2 minutes of leaving work (I wore the lovely green wollen autumnjacket, what was I thinking). In the short periods of dry that were there the air was full of the not so romantic smell of the sugarfactory processing sugarbeets. The beetcampaign has startet so it must be fall. The real dutch fall that suprises me every year because I like my own golden gnomey orangey fantasy better ;-)

3 opmerkingen:

Susan zei

It's beautiful! And coordinates nicely with the I-bought-kinderpostzegels sticker :-)

It's funny, because when they moved the sugar beets processing up north to your city, from Breda -- I really missed it. Fall didn't smell the same.

anita zei

What beautiful colors! Fall is my favorite season . . . the crisp air, the colors, the spiderwebs everywhere . . .

Barbara zei

Please, what are conkers?