vrijdag, oktober 27, 2006

I can't call this, what have I been up to, again, can I?

Or maybe I just did. We have enjoyed autumn holiday with autumn cleaning. We have cleared out a car (and our car is a Volvo V70 so it was loads) full of clothes Husband is putting shelves in the laundry room.. And I suffered from migraine badly. Not really blogworthy stuff but I had to tell you this. Husband put a veto on the use of pink in the laundry room. In fact he insists it should be black with grey and red and a television with dvd-player because it is actually his laundryroom. I have to admit he does a lot of my laundry. So the question is in order to keep black out of my house and pink in would I be willing to do the laundry of my 4 personfamily all by myself?

Hey isn't this the ultimate luxury problem?

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jojo* zei

What a fabulous problem! I'd paint my whole house black if I could get out of doing housework. :)