donderdag, oktober 19, 2006

Hi everyone

I didn't know you all were coming to visit. I would have cleaned really but as you see I'm in the middle of redecorating.. I however have sewn new babybooties (Pattern: Heather Baily) for a baby expected in my extended family next april. Here is the little bag for them:

And here are my 'bee's and flower' booties which is quite funny because, well you know the story of the birds and the bees? In dutch we call that the bloemetjes and the bijtjes.. The flowers and the bees.. Didn't occur to me until after embroidering of course..

This pattern is one of the only patterns I have re-used. I'm usually drawn to try new things but these are so much fun to make.. and so easy!

I started embroidering in the weekend and when my sitemeter went wild and I found Alicia had mentioned me in a post I did finish them early.. Thanks for the pressure..

Next to blog about: the wonderful gift from Berber at Kisskus

3 opmerkingen:

elianne zei

alleen daarom zou je al in de bloementjes en bijtjes blijven geloven. Wat een dotjes van slofjes!

jojo* zei

Oh, Marieke, they're soo cute. I love the embroidery and the little bag you made is so sweet!

Judith zei

Wat een ontzettend lieveleuke slofjes!