dinsdag, oktober 31, 2006

Breaking the circle: Hopefull plans

Planning sometimes feels like the devils invention. You plan something you fail and you feel lousy. Still plans need to make it into my week of positive things. Planning is an act of hope. I expect to be able to this! So here a list of things I want to do in the not to far away future. I haven't numbered because that would giver me a felling of prioritising and it is quite random

* Make and put up a new banner (thanks Veronique!) and add to my linklist to put the finishing touches into my new virtual home.

* Put the handwritten version of the first chapters of my fantasy book for children in the computer. Edit on the go.

*Learn to knit and or crochet..

*Think about a way to do something special for my friends who I take to much for granted.

*research work changes

*thinking out some christmastraditions that suit my family

*enjoy my life

The package in the picture is wrapped up by my son in children's church it contains happiness and contentment. You can give it to anybody but don't open it. Happiness and contentment will fly away. It is my gift to you today. I'll hope you enjoy it! But don't open it..You might give it away too, or make your own!!

The package was inspired by the book het rode pakje

3 opmerkingen:

autum zei

Your list contains very do-able plans and goals. I've heard it said those who are most successful write down their goals. I hope you will be very successful in feeling better and breaking the circle.

Mirre zei

That's a lovely gift, thank you :)

chest of drawers zei

Yes, thankyou too! There can never be enough happiness and contentment being passed around.