dinsdag, oktober 31, 2006

Breaking the circle: Hopefull plans

Planning sometimes feels like the devils invention. You plan something you fail and you feel lousy. Still plans need to make it into my week of positive things. Planning is an act of hope. I expect to be able to this! So here a list of things I want to do in the not to far away future. I haven't numbered because that would giver me a felling of prioritising and it is quite random

* Make and put up a new banner (thanks Veronique!) and add to my linklist to put the finishing touches into my new virtual home.

* Put the handwritten version of the first chapters of my fantasy book for children in the computer. Edit on the go.

*Learn to knit and or crochet..

*Think about a way to do something special for my friends who I take to much for granted.

*research work changes

*thinking out some christmastraditions that suit my family

*enjoy my life

The package in the picture is wrapped up by my son in children's church it contains happiness and contentment. You can give it to anybody but don't open it. Happiness and contentment will fly away. It is my gift to you today. I'll hope you enjoy it! But don't open it..You might give it away too, or make your own!!

The package was inspired by the book het rode pakje

maandag, oktober 30, 2006

Breaking the circle. Positive things: a list a day

I'm in the circle again. The circle down. Tired overwhelmed, cuddling up in myself and then feel lonely and tired and overwhelmed and don't do things and feel failure and lonely and tired and cuddling up in myself.
This blog suffers as on of the first things of my life. I want my little corner of the internet to be a comfy happy place so I found it hard to write when down. But I know it helps. So in a sudden flash of inspiration I decided to commit myself to a daily happy post this week

Since every one knows lists are the easy way out always I'll make lists (besides Amy likes them and Amy is the queen of happy things so that is good vibes for this project...

So I'll start with 13 things I'm proud that have to do with me and only me.. (this would be an endless list of bragging if I was allowed to be proud of the children)

1The fact that I have learned to learn.

2 the fact that I have managed to transform our mealtimes into a cosy calm together moment for our family most of the times. It actually is becoming one of my favourite moments in time. We do a round of 'how was your day' for all the family members (I was inspired by Orson Scott card and the Alvin Maker series for this!)
Son asked daughter this today and she answered (translated by me she is not that bright ;-)
daycare pay sing 'ish ish in a water' and she started a full song show with motions.. And her brother said: 'it sounds like a very nice day' and then he went to ask the dog if he had been walking.. Somtetimes your family is everything you dreamed it would be..

3 The fact that I have managed already to brag about my children without breaking my self applied rules..

4The fact that in the 7 years I am making my paper we made a huge quality improvement and I had a lot to do with that.

5The fact that I can face criticism most of the times without bursting into tears.. That has been so different

6the fact that I helped my husband through depression and came out in an even stronger relationship

7 The fact that I am actually gonna put this bragging list on the internet. Even putting facts on it. The feeling of needing to defend this or excuse it is strong but I won't I'm allowed to be proud of myself.. (Although I am struggling 6 to go !)

8 The fact that I have managed to transform my faith from the acceptance of the tradition I grew up with to a new evolving way of thinking, learning and questioning. My faith is so different and so much more grounded and with so much more doubts that enrich my life and faith.

9the fact that I changed from a person who lived in the future to a person that enjoys the moment

10the fact that I lost 7 kilo's of weight the last couple of weeks.

11 I'm proud of myself for allowing myself to be vulnerable

12I'm proud of the fact that I haven't forgotten an appointment in years. I bought a good family calendar and I use it ..

13 I'm quite proud I'm still blogging and crafting.. and even prouder I get read sometimes or even see comments (I love them! Please say hi!)

vrijdag, oktober 27, 2006

I can't call this, what have I been up to, again, can I?

Or maybe I just did. We have enjoyed autumn holiday with autumn cleaning. We have cleared out a car (and our car is a Volvo V70 so it was loads) full of clothes Husband is putting shelves in the laundry room.. And I suffered from migraine badly. Not really blogworthy stuff but I had to tell you this. Husband put a veto on the use of pink in the laundry room. In fact he insists it should be black with grey and red and a television with dvd-player because it is actually his laundryroom. I have to admit he does a lot of my laundry. So the question is in order to keep black out of my house and pink in would I be willing to do the laundry of my 4 personfamily all by myself?

Hey isn't this the ultimate luxury problem?

donderdag, oktober 19, 2006

Starting to feel at home

but if anybody knows how I can put my own banner up, please share!

Hi everyone

I didn't know you all were coming to visit. I would have cleaned really but as you see I'm in the middle of redecorating.. I however have sewn new babybooties (Pattern: Heather Baily) for a baby expected in my extended family next april. Here is the little bag for them:

And here are my 'bee's and flower' booties which is quite funny because, well you know the story of the birds and the bees? In dutch we call that the bloemetjes and the bijtjes.. The flowers and the bees.. Didn't occur to me until after embroidering of course..

This pattern is one of the only patterns I have re-used. I'm usually drawn to try new things but these are so much fun to make.. and so easy!

I started embroidering in the weekend and when my sitemeter went wild and I found Alicia had mentioned me in a post I did finish them early.. Thanks for the pressure..

Next to blog about: the wonderful gift from Berber at Kisskus

dinsdag, oktober 17, 2006

What I have been up to?

I must say that was quit an unexpected blogbreak. Even I didn't see it coming. As you probably noticed I've changed to beta. I was lured by homemade banners and I can't manage to do it..I am not happy with the change but it can't be undone. Also I'm faced with adding my whole linkbar again.. Bleeeh. It is a scary thing this beta. Weirdbunny had it for a week and pulled here whole blog down.. I won't promise!

So what have I been up to? Just a couple of things in pictures.

We harvested the grapes. All 8 kilo's are now transformed in juice and jelly.. The washing in the bathtub made it an event for the children. Son was head of animal rescue..

That was last weekend this weekend I watched this:

Yea that's my boy sans training wheels. He went playing with a classmate on friday. He had two bikes but none with extra wheels. I thought son would manage but he was to scared to have them off his own bike., When I came to pick him up he was racing through the streets. It is such a huge milestone for a dutch boy. The whole street congratulated him when they saw him. Opa en Oma send a card and we had a goodbye trainingwheelparty (hey in our house any excuse for chines take-away is a good excuse ;-) And we had ice cream for dessert...

I have been sewing as well. The dress but also some new skyfelt bitty booties with embroidered bees..

Now I 'm back to deadlines again!

vrijdag, oktober 06, 2006


It was about time to give a sewingclass update wasn't it. It is fun! It has a teacher who has a desire to change things and encourages in us. It features a lady who is sewing pyama's from vintage sheets.. So good.. But, doing things properly takes time. Man it takes a lot of time. I think this cute dress has taken like 5 hours allready and I haven't seen a sewingmachine. I have never taken so long to actually finish something. It isn't too bad because well I wanted to do things properly and it assures me that there are quite some things I do know.. So all in all not to bad..And working 5 hours on something is a lot better if you actually are quite sure your doing it right and that when you get in trouble there is somebody to ask..

Next week I'll have two evenings of class so hopefully I'll be on my way to finishing then..

dinsdag, oktober 03, 2006

Welcoming Autumn

This year again I got romantic about fall. I bought a lovely coppercoloured chrysantemum to brighten uop the frontdoor. And I crafted this fallwreath for the frontdoor. I so love the colours. It suited the day last friday. It was around 19 degrees C with sun . Spiderwebs were shining in the flowerbeds. I went searching for conkers with the cildren. The earth got that earthy smell that is so rich and autumny and I fell for it again.

And then the wind changed and yesterday it poored so heavy with rain that I was soaked within 2 minutes of leaving work (I wore the lovely green wollen autumnjacket, what was I thinking). In the short periods of dry that were there the air was full of the not so romantic smell of the sugarfactory processing sugarbeets. The beetcampaign has startet so it must be fall. The real dutch fall that suprises me every year because I like my own golden gnomey orangey fantasy better ;-)