donderdag, september 28, 2006

Weighing life

Amy has started a very cool new blog a while ago. I completely missed it at first because I was happily consuming during my vacation. I was completely intrigued by the buy nothing for a month challenge she set herself. It seemed impossible to do. I love to buy and shop though I know the tendency to overshop ;-). I sure can indulge in some retailtherapy too and it isn't always pretty. But not shopping didn't feel right for me either. So I pondered about it all for a while. The subject mixed up with living greener somehow. It became a big mess in my head and I didn't post about it because I hadn't got a clue on how to entangle it.

I still haven't but sometimes writing helps so here comes:

I love the tendency towards living greener and living more simple. I had so much fun seeing it's not easy being green. (Probably because I have loved militaryman strawbridge from his scrapheap days and it was so much fun to find out he has a hippywife).

But watching it I was again wondering why being green and selfsufficieny are so often confused. It might make you greener (although according to the husbandphysisist woodburningstoves are quite a environmental disaster) . Anyway. It doesn't change the earth because it is simply impossible (at least in this country) for everybody to be selfsufficient. We dutch would probably starve to death..And that in itself would be an answer but it would made me sad because well we humans have nice sides too..

And then I realized I love the idea of specializing. I love the fact that we humans developed a way of living that allows us to live from what we love doing . I know this is the ideal situation and not everybody is fortunate enough to love his way of earning his bread but it is possible in the system. Instead of working seriously hard every moment of the day doing everything. We do what we are best at and in the end exchange our services or products with others who have done the same. It is a great way of sharing. And money makes it easier. In our economic model however some have decided making money is what they love best and the collecting and spending became something that wasn't thought about that much.

But I love the fact that I can buy something that enables somebody else to live the life they want and in the meantime what I have bought makes my life better. So I need to shop better. I have thought of it before .
It was much harder then I thought to support independent businesses. They often wanted me to have cash or charged for paying with debitcard. I don't have cash around ever and I don't like it and going to 5 shops with two children takes forever. O ften their is no bike parking and it is on dangerous streets (Quite critical if you lift a 1,5 year old from your bike on the street. In the time you lock the bike she can be dead 5 times..if the road is near and busy)
And quality wasn't there sometimes either. I have however found a couple of people worthy of my support and I try to cherish them. I do find the need to step out of the supermarket more often..

Because I am also trying to loose a few kilo's my grocerieshopping at the moment tend to be a bit more thought out. I like this. In fact the whole dieting process this time round is fun. I started with the new weight watchers cd-rom and I love it. I can basically eat what ever I want but I can't eat everything I want. It forces me to focus on what I need to stay healthy what I would absoutely love to eat now and then and be willing to sacrifice for (so far wine (beer is more points ;-), a croquet (a dutch staplefood) and today bit of pizza..) It is a brilliant way of dieting because it forces me to think about what I put in my mouth without knowing and what really matters to me.

And then it hit me I need to weight watch my life! What do I buy? Do I need it. Does it make my life better? And how was it made? Did it make the life of others happier, better? Does it harm the planet.. I have a great book lying around here somewhere called. Houden van je spullen (Love your stuff) and that is about the fact that if you buy something it needs to fit your life. And it makes it easier to get rid of stuff. I think I am heading in the right direction.

As for the real environmental stuff. I'll sign up for a ecological fruit and vegpacket. Lots of stuff is is arranged already for us. Our house is mightily economical. We use the car very little, we don't fly. All garbage is collected separated and will be reused if possible..

We could be way better but I think we will go one step at the time..

The picture above? Two of my recent purchases that hopefully will be a little contribution to keep fellowbloggers Manda en Elianne in bussines. The cat is bought from manda a while ago. The hearts is bought in a small shop that happened to sell goods of Elianne! Bet she is suprised to see it show up here ;-)

Check them out! And don't hesitate to buy it are lovely goods. Zus is a dutch sites but the pictures are great ;-)

ANd mine isn't blogger refused to load the picture over 10 times and now I find I have uploaded the nonecropped one. But hey you'll have to live with it..

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J-Le zei

i love your little cat!

chest of drawers zei

What a great post! I think many of us are thinking about the same things and making small steps at a time. I love to grow my own veges and this year I have made a lot of jams from our own rasberries and apples and even tomato sauce from my own tomatoes, mainly because it´s healthier but also to keep the grocery bills low. I love the idea of the fruit and vege box...but I can´t find it here in Austria. And that website you mentioned is fantastic!

elianne zei

Mijn hart sprong op...
Oh Mijk..ik moet er helemaal van blozen. Wat lief van je om iets te kopen en dan me ook nog zo aanprijzen....Je maakt mijn zondag extra goed.
( wat kopen niet allemaal teweeg kan brengen! )

Amy zei

Yes - I proposed a Buy Nothing Month -- not a buy nothing year or longer. I couldn't do it either. But a month was a good period to stop and take stock -- what habits do I want to change -- before starting up again.

Liked your thoughts on specialization. I am ETERNALLY grateful to those that love to grow good produce that I can buy. I SUCK at gardening and don't really even enjoy it. That is a very basic need and I'm glad to hand over money to let someone that enjoys it keep doing it!