maandag, september 18, 2006

things that made me happy this week

Life is a bit insame here again. Daughter is sick yet again . She woke with a temperature of over 40 c. this morning ( that is 104 f) I do not like that in the mornings.. Also my grandma -in-law has passed away. And though this is not really unexpected at 97 it is still sad and takes a lot calling and thinking.. and planning for the funeral and the childcare then..

And still I am feeling so much better. I am really quite happy. We had a bit of sun maybe that is it I don't know. It might be granny who was such a fantastic person. She was a special stubborn lady who was very good at doing things her way (yeah exactly like my own gran!)

Since the insane week is far from over and I'm in the middle of work I thougt I'd make a list of things that made me happy this last week..For a quick blog entry

*The frog. It makes for such a fantastic story especcially because I had 3 20 month olds walking around when I discovered him..

*a perfect day spend eating raspeberry white chocolat muffins and shopping with a friend (and Only one of her children and me childfree the bless)

*the sun. Oh I love sun...

*My sons teacher telling me he is wel loved in class because of his good ideas..

*Son asking me who his mil is. Me laughing telling me he hasn't one. He I want to think about her already.. Two days later I want to marry you and then you can be my grandma in law I don't want another one..

* My new shoes. I've got new shoes and I love them (Picture will come ( when battery is charged sigh!!)

-[All the living simple ideas going aroun in blogs. I just love it when things I think about are being written down by other people . It makes me think so much clearer..

-My dad calling from New York on a bussinesstrip asking kme if I allready own a I-pod. As good as the call I got wehn he was in milan asking form my dressize ;-) He didn't tell me yet if the thing is bought but he did tell me he raided the magazinerack at the airport for me. My dafdis a fantastic shopper.. So I secretely hope I will be sewing I-podbags next week but will be so content with mags..

So links and pictures will come back one day but for now there are deadlines my friends

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jojo* zei

Laughing at your son and his MIL comment. So cute! Lucky you that your dad knows how to shop for you!