maandag, september 25, 2006


Shellwreaths weren't the only thing I have done this vacation. There was stitching too. Al little stichette doll for my son who adores it.. And a little needlebook for myself (I realized I needed one when starting to embroider on vacation with a toddler running around..) I love this green felt and I immediately remembered it when my father returned from the US with this. (Isn't he great? My father can spoil a girl like no-one can..). I think I like this only white and yellow version better a bit more simple. I don't know what I like most about the Ipod the music or the fact that it has as much dressingup potential as my barbies (and so much easier without the arms and legs)...

We have buried grandma last week and it was a beautiful and comforting occasion but it was tiringaswell. It made me miss my first sewingclass and I have realized I have my first now on wednesday but haven't chosen fabric or pattern. I have a number of patterns lying around now. And if I would be sewing on my own I would go for a vintage American pattern with vintage/thriofted or swappeds fabric. But maybe it's wiser to start with a common Dutch pattern to learn the Dutch sewinglingo (it is double dutch to me sometimes ;-) . And I might go with storebought fabric too until I know how the rest of the group is..
What would you do..? And all my dutch lurkers doi you have any recoomendations for a magazine paterrn. I have got nice knipie ones and ottobre too..

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chest of drawers zei

Sewing class! Sounds fabulous! You should use a fabric that isn´t so precious to begin with and learn on. Congratulations on the ipod, I love mine too! And those magazines! Lucky you to have such a father.