woensdag, september 20, 2006

Some pics, an apologie and a how to make a shellwreath

Working on the laptop and that has all the vacationpictures so here are some of our wonderful days at the beach...

I can't believe all the typo's I left in yesterdays post. It was my workday and I had been at the laptop for 8 hours or so. Constantly spellchecking. (I am a good writer but not a great speller. I can spell it is just that my spellingcontrol is not automaticly on.) So yesterday I kind of thought I can't be bothered but in the light of a fresh day I am bothered. Sorry...

And then the wreaths. They are only shells. I know it looks like pebbles but there aren't any. I started with the brown then the blue and then the white and they got better every try so maybe you can learn form me..

I used a straw wreath from a gardencenter but a cloth covered one should work fine too. I indeed gluegunned all the shells on and the big secret is to pack them very thight and indeed overlapping. It is not about the individual shell it is about their impact together. If you have some very special ones lay them aside so you can ad them on top. I glued the shells and put them on the wreath It is a fidley job and will leave you with the occasional burn. Practice makes perfect because the white one was painless..Take your time now and then to step away to see if you have enough variety in terms of size, colour and texture..

Well it is as simple as that. Good luck if you try..And don't hesitate to ask if you think I left crucial information untold.

Oh You need a lot of shells. An awfull lot. So do as I did include the whole family and tell them what colours to find. It isn't a job to finish in one sitting anyway..

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