dinsdag, september 12, 2006

I think I might be back

lets not be as sure as last week. I really thought I would blog all week but well work was crazy flue was nasty (both me and the girl) Boy was wired from the back to school week and I had to go door to door begging for money for the dutch cancer fighting organisation.. So no blogging.

And yeah there was some grass to cut...

And then there is another thing. Vacation was great but it was then that I discovered I really am stressed more than normal Husband even used the D word. I think I know what the deal is. I really need to change some things in my life and I 'm scared so I don't do anything yet. And that is depressing.

So you know when I finally thought it a bit scary? When I read Susan tagged me for a 5 weird things about me meme and I could only found sad and lowselfesteemthingies..

I have so many quirky things and I couldn't come up with one funny one that didn't make feel lousy!

So I called the therapist.... I have refound myself a little since then so here we go:
some weird things about Mijk...

1 I fall a lot. But as my husband puts it: "It is not a worry because she is really good at falling, she exerxcises it so much". I have the bruises on my knees and elbows you expect of 6 year olds... I have never broking anything in my life though...

2 I am very grateful for the existence of bluetooth thingies on mobile phones. I don't own such a thing but I talk to myself a lot. Mostly on the bike So I got looks sometimes but now never. Everybody just asumes I'm having a phone conversation and in fact I just have a nice chat with Mijk. My grandmother would say she thought herself a great chatpartner 'she always agrees'.

3 I suffer immensely from substitute shame. It makes it hard to watch comedies. You know when someone is going to be laughed at. I just want to not see it so I start singing or something . As a kid I would always hide behind the curtains.

4 I Somehow find myself having conversations with totally strangers all the time. It is funny and weird. Like I walk through the streets and find myself talking about math in highschool with a homeless guy. My granny used to start conversations typically like: "I was sitting on a bench and I talked to this guy and he thought of marrying his boyfriend.."She also talked to her house aswell as her self. Hello house it's me I'm back again.. Oh did I love granny..

5 I have a hard time hiding sceptisicm and have been trown out of lots of classrooms because of my 'look'. It felt very unfair at the time, but the look is genetic. My father has it, my brother has it and my son starts showing it. And I know now why it earned me a trip to the principal.. Well I learned lots of poems and french words ( they were favourite punishment of my favourite principal ;-)

I don't think these are things for the therapist though. They are me and I am a tiny bit weird (I could ad another 5 easily ;-)

I thought it was fitting to end this post with a weird thing I encountered today..

OKay maybe a frog isn't that weird but I just didn't expect it in my dogs waterbowl that was inside the house and I had filled an hour before with water from the tap...

6 opmerkingen:

Amy zei

Mijk - You are so charming - I think you would make a great chatpartner -- my new favorite word. Sorry you have had a hard time returning from vacation. I too have found out the hard way that vacations with kids can be really stressful! Good luck.

Cindi zei

Oh Mijk you are not unusual, it's just not enough of us like you live near you. Then you would know you are totally normal. The world is not.

Susan zei

I'm sorry that you had a tough time with this, I know I did also -- it was not my intention to make you feel down by tagging you :-(

But the things you listed are lovely, they make you even more interesting to know!

Anna falls down all the time too. If it was a sport she'd be a gold medal winner... but instead she has to make do with Disney Princess bandaids :-)

Mirre zei

Not so weird, I think ;))
The frog is weirder!!

chest of drawers zei

Talking to myself, talking to my house, looking sceptical - some of my favourite things! You should read this poem I found here (http://colorsonmymind.blogspot.com/2006/09/mary-oliver.html)yesterday called Wild Geese by Mary Oliver, I think it´s just what you need.

jojo* zei

I think it's the weird things about people that make them interesting. And you, my dear, sound like the type of person I'd like to hang out with. Your granny sounds like fun--no boring conversations there!