woensdag, september 27, 2006

Hello my name is Mijk and I am a coat addict (Lot's of pictures!)edited a link!

A while back Alicia start showing her coats and invited people to play along. I had to jump in because I have a thing with coats. I love them. Unfortunately I am always going for the impractical ones but that just makes me want to have more..
A couple of my priced possessions.. This little black coat was supposed to be my grandmothers weddingcoat. She hated marrying in black but it was 1946 fabric was still rationed. So my great grandmother sew this from a pre war blanket an aunt has saved. It has a little fur like collar and pockets. It fits me like it was made for me and is extremely 40's elegant. In the end one of the nurses in the hospital got hold of a white fur coat and all the nurses were wedded in that one.. (Hey the war had ended marriage was the thing to do.) There is a little hat coming with the coat as well. I haven't dared to wear that too maybe this year with the 40's and 50's revival so strong.. (I imagine a black and white polkadot circleskirt peeking under that coat..)

This one we called the teddybear coat is also from Oma it is fifties I believe and incredible warm.It is just feels like your walking around wrapped up in a blanket. My head looks incredible small in this one.. It has a cute pomponlike closure and A big collar.

This one is my MIL's she used to wear it on the backseat of fil's motorcycle in the early 60'sIt misses a button but is still a nice little suede coat..

A newly bought about 8 years ago in London. London is horrible for my coataddiction (as is Paris) People who use subways instead of bikes can wear such beautiful coats. This one has faux pockets which makes it very sleek and quite useless for everyday life.. And here a little forrestgreen gothic number. I have taken up the ends of the sleeves to make it more practical but it just isn't practical so I'll change it back in to impractical but stunningly pretty . The back is like an English huntsman ridercoat. Really great. Here is a shot of it's lovely back. Isn't this so Tolkien? Here is the odd one out. As you can see I am forever drawn to the browns and greens with a bit of grey and black but this one was hanging in the thriftstore for 12 euro's and I so loved the marimekko like fabric I just had to have it. It is a beautiful fit too. I only fear I need sunglasses with it.. I don't know If I wear it in spring but I love it anyway.. It's got a hotpink lining. And here is one of spring/autumncoats.. Same label as the gothic one. I've actually worn this to threads. The lining is gone the zipper is going..Here we have a Hennes and Maurits bargain. I love about 70 percent of their coats so I have restricted myself with a no buyingpolicy. This one however was down from 70 to 10 euro's and then I just bought it. It has so much zippers and other hardware on it they alone are worth the 10 euro's it is a woolen not to thick coat. So perfect for autumn again. This is one grannies again it is n't tailored the way I like it and it is really granny-ish. But I love the decadence of the fur and the whimsical buttons.I really can't believe I 've got this many coats but as you can see they are not that practical if you live a live biking everywhere you need to go mostly through the rain. So I was seriously happy when my husband found this one for me. The corduroy is fabric but it has a goretex backing. So it is wind and weatherproof but It has an impractical furcollar (I would think it is fake but it is from a frenchlabel that makes a lot of huntinggear so I am not a 100 % sure.) The lining is bright purple! I love to have a goretex coat that doesn't make me look like a sailinglady.

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autum zei

Boy that's a lot of coats. I love that so many of them have history of their own.

Alicia P. zei

You DO have a ton of coats! I love them all, but my favorite is grannie's brown one. So adorable. And I absolutely love the story of the nurses all getting married in the same white coat. What a great image. Thanks, Mijk!

jojo* zei

I love all your coats and the stories that go with them!

chest of drawers zei

Oh my! So many coats! Where do you keep them all?

Anoniem zei

I like the teddy bear one best. I had one like that that I bought from kensington Market in London, but in was leopard skin. When I wore it I always wondered how the original owner felt in in. It used to make me feel really glam!