maandag, september 11, 2006

Five years ago today

we put our house on the market. We had bought a newly build with a big garden in a kind of compensation way. We had been trying to have a baby for a year at that time. Were quite frustrated and slowly getting scared. The appointment with the real estate lady was at 3 in the afternoon. Around that time she called to tell she was caught in traffic. I went to the kitchen to make coffee anyway and husband turned on the tv for a bit of daytime television..

I remember him saying my name and me looking towards him. The oak floor shined beautifully as we had oiled in that weekend and on the low cherry coffeetable I had a big bunch of red velvety roses. I noticed husband sitting on the edge of the coach looking real pale. He said:
"They say a plane has crashed in the worldtrade center and it looks quite major."

Walking towards him I tried to think of which wtc since we have some buildings by that name in Europe. Looking at the television we suddenly saw a second plane. I kept looking as it hit the building. Still holding on to the coffeetin.

We watched until the doorbell rang and the real estate lady was there. She hadn't had the radio on in the cart so I filled her in. She got white and scared and I rember I said you might want to watch. She couldn't speak nor did we. After half an hour she said I guess you still need to sell the house. We talked curtains and kitchens and floors from then on

It was completely surreal. I was so floored by the horror of it all. And wooden floors were so utterly unimported but well we bought a house and we couldn't get out of that contract at that point so we worried about the house too and felt guilty for that..

Two weeks later we sold the house and I found out I was pregnant... The real estate lady was tearing with joy for us. She said she would never forget us..
Apparently she didn't. She called a couple of months later to ask if the pregnancy was goping well. She told me: "I was so sad those weeks and your baby was such a sign of hope and happiness. When he was born I called her office here secretary heard my name and asked if all was well with the baby..

It was He is four now and doesn't know a world before 9/11. I am sad for that but I am also greatful and hopeful..

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Amy zei

Thanks for that story. That day was filled with so many surreal stories -- for everyone I think.

chest of drawers zei

That´s a beautiful story to remember.