maandag, september 04, 2006


I so planned a neat thought out post with lovely pictures and interesting content. But unfortunately I need to make a magazine that is all that and more and there is only so much neatness I can muster because well holiday is over (as in the honeymoon is over) . I've still got sand in my shoes from the beach but that's about all thats left from the lovely days there (NO it is not really true it just feels that way. It was just a loud bang when I landed on planet earth again.. )

The nice pictures and good stories and craftsharing will come in a while promise!

P.S. Tried to internet on holiday for insane amount of money. I checked my blog only to find that the familyfriendly surfingpilar blocked my blog because I once used the terms over 18.! I couldn't get to most of my dailey reads and everytime it blocked something he took 10 seconds to tell me why it was blocked (This blog uses the term masochistic! Well damn sure she does she is on ivf numer 356 or there abouts) . So for my dear money i got a lesson on foul language.. ;-=) It didn't even open gmail..( I probably sweared there )

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chest of drawers zei

How frustrating! I don´t find your blog offensive at all. I find a little sand in my shoes sometimes too that also reminds me of my beach holiday which now seems like it was years ago.

jojo* zei

Glad to see you back! Missed you! I always have a hard time readjusting to the "real world" after vacation too.