vrijdag, augustus 04, 2006

A wip with a touch of Skyblue!

I loved the idea for Amy's colouryear but I already missed white and lemony so here in a combined effort a Wip with a nice skyblue butterfly (the colour actually is called skyblue so then I decided to get my camera.. )

Daughter seems to be not charmed by the idea of appearing on mama's blog (as was quite evident yesterday really. So she decided to gor unning towards me anytime I wanted to snap a picture. So they are headless.. Well it is al about the dress anyway. I modified the tunic pattern and it seems to work Slight miracle here because I accidently cut the American way (seamallowance included, exept it wasn't ) because that is so obviously the best way.. It had to work because I already worked most of the day on that butterflies. They are from a small book with Danish paper mobile patterns I got in the thriftstore. Great for freezerpaperstencils..

You might ask why this is a wip if she obviously is wearing it? Well she refuses to have it of after fitting.It is pinless and sewn except for the closure on the back I didn't have enough fabric for buttonholes so I need to purchase some little satin ribbons I think!

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autum zei

Some little satin ribbons would be lovely. Your stencilling is so nice. I have got to give that a try.