dinsdag, augustus 08, 2006

The only correct way to dress a bed

Especially for Amy. You cover you mattress in a sheet (you know the ones with the gathered corners). You put a nice duvetcover over duvet. You put pillowcase around pillow and you sleep in it.. For warmth and cold adjustments we've got four season duvets. It is basically 2 duvets with snaps to attach them together a thick one and a thinner one. In autumn and spring you sleep under the thick one. In summer under the thin one and in winter you attach them together.. I mean what help is a sheet when it is cold?

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Amy zei

Thank Mijk :-)

Yes - I agree - sheets aren't any help when it gets cold. But in the summer we usually sleep only with a sheet because anything else is too hot...

I grew up with patterned comforters or quilts - never a duvet / down comforter with a cover. I have a down comforter now but it already has a pattern printed on it and doesn't have a cover. I've just had a horrible experience trying to get it cleaned and need a new system. Perhaps I need to go Dutch/Euro.