vrijdag, augustus 11, 2006

Of to the beach

It will be quiet here for a couple of weeks. We are of to the beach. Have been awfully busy packing cleaning (getting people in the house) . Packing is hard. We've little space as the dog is coming with us and well we all need our woolen sweaters and raincoats. You know that heatwave we dutch people couldn't stop complaining about? It is gone.................

It is 15 degrees and pooring with rain today. But we'll have a good time anyway. Last year the weather was beautiful but all we have seen is the local hospital so we're hoping for better weeks now! First thing I packed was a craftbag. Brought a doll to finish, embroidery stuff (stitchettes) m,y glue gunn (fun with shells ) and even knittingneedles.. ( I need to relearn and what better time!)

4 opmerkingen:

monique zei

Het was inderdaad erg schrtikken voor ons, maar het gaat gelukkig erg goed.
Een fijne vakantie.

chest of drawers zei

I´ve just returned from the Australian beaches - I loved it and I hope you enjoy your beach time too! I found your bag when I got home and IT`S BEAUTIFUL!!! Thankyou! I left a comment on your blog entry about the bag too.

Susan zei

Bofkont! Vakantie MET Stitchettes.

Ik was weer te laat... nou niet te laat, maar onze Paypal deed raar en toen waren ze uitverkocht. Zucht, volgende keer beter voorbereiden :-)

Susan zei

Welkom terug... Ik heb je getagged voor een meme (omdat je niet genoeg te doen hebt, na een vakantie :-)