dinsdag, augustus 01, 2006

My sewingclass starts in september

so it was high time to try some clothes sewing on my own because well, isn't it fun to just figure it out all by yourself... ?

Mostly not, but this was actually quite fun. It is supposed to be a dress for girls 2 to 3 I lengthened the pattern about 7 centimeters and it is still not a dress but a very very cute tunic-thing. But jeez what were our parents thinking? The pattern is from a thrifted embroiderybook that I adore and the little owl is actually a embroiderypattern from the book (No, I don't know why I managed to give it a seals face.) It needed to be an owl because it is fitted with the cutest buttons ever. So cute in fact they got me trying my first buttonholes ever (That is easy!) Can you believe I only bought 5? ( I am so going back!)

I am in love with the way this thing stands out ( I think the biasbinding hem works great for this) and daughter loved to stroke it and say beautiful, cutie!

OH the fabric is the same as the bonnet form my last post and it comes from li in Singapore

4 opmerkingen:

Amy zei

Good job! You'll be rockin the sewing class if you can already do all that!

autum zei

Very pretty! I love those buttons and even though you didn't mean to do it, that is one precious seal/owl.

Strikkelise zei

What a cute dress! Very nice applique, too. And I can see why you love the buttons! Go back!

monique zei

It looks very pretty.
I know you will have lots of fun in your sewing class. When I was pregnant from my oldest daughter I also started in a sewing class and I stayed there for many years because we always had a lot of fun and of course learned a lot.
Thanks for your tip on putting links on my blogs. I hope to find some time today to try it.