woensdag, augustus 02, 2006

Look who came to live with us !

It's frida the Colour Me Orange Fraidy Cat that flirted with me every time I accidently visited Manda's etsyshop. I finally gave in and am so happy. Manda included some lovely fabric stickers with leafprints and them most lovely goldfishfabric pin (what is the word for such a thing in dutch we call this a button but it isn't a button?)

You must have noticed I don't like putting pics of my children on the web but well I had to show how beautifull my little tunic looks!

The weird name of this picture becuase in the same bunch I have made a picture to illustrate my own article about lebanon in the churchpaper I work for.

4 opmerkingen:

Gisele Schoene zei

The tunic and your little model are perfect!!

manda zei

Oh the tunic is lovely - I have to make some clothes for Bella!!
And I'm glad Frida arrived safely :)

jojo* zei

Your daughter is just adorable...and the tunic looks great on her!

monique zei

The tunic is very beautiful and your daughter looks so lovely.