donderdag, augustus 03, 2006

Domestic fantasies

Love this title. It so sounds as a cheesy movie for over 18..... Yesterday I stumbled over this post at green kitchen .. Go ahead follow her links aswell but come back for my views on the subject!

I think for me it is true this blog has it shares of fantasies about how I would love to live my life. I think I for most parts am quite clear on which parts are fantasy and which parts are real. To be sure I will give you some examples

,reality, fantasy , reality, fantas y, and a little bit of both

I don't care that sometimes blogs are more wishful thinking then the actual life for the writer. As long as it isn't stated as real life I am alright with it. I have stopped reading some blogs in the past that were to rosecheeked for my liking. Especially if sometimes they just go without updates for weeks. I know those weeks, I have those weeks and I try to document them here as well because I read blogs for inspiration ànd identification.

There are parts of my life I don't write about here because I chose to have this as a craftblog and for me homemaking is a part of that but not journalism, religion, politics and other stuff that can rise my bloodpressure everyday of my life (Although I recently thought that I could do a good post on how to get your pressrelease in the actual press being an editor. I could be persuaded in writing that..)

What I do strongly feel is that verbalizing ones dreams is the first step in accomplishing them. Blogging about how you would love to live your life is a great way of finding out what you really want and of making that more concrete. The better you know what you wish for the easier to go for it..

Realizing this must have been the most lifechanging thought I ever had.. I used to be the kind of girl that thought she couldn't change herself. People had to take me as I was. It sounded tough it was stupid.. Because I didn't really know who I was. I never checked the borders of my abilities. I had this strange ideas, mostly negative. About me being chaotic, emotional, clumsy , uncreative.. The only reason for me to try positive affirmations found here ( in dutch) one day was because I knew so well how the negative ones did work.

The possibilty of dreaming about my perfect future was handed me by my therapist when I was searching to overcome the fear of childbirth in my second pregnancy. The birth of my son had been quite dramatic and I feeled I had failed him. My therapist suggested visualizing the perfect birth the one I would want, if I would know it would go right. I found out I would have loved to give birth on my own with no-one around me at home . That was a no go area off course but knowing what I truly wanted I was able to control the atmosphere in the deliveryroom . I just told the midwife dr and nurse to shut up. It was really an eyeopener. Thinking about what I really wanted gave me some control.

At the same time I realized I could change, grow and learn and then so many thoughts and ideas formed. I searched for a way to express some of my dreams, goals and wishes and document the journey to an improved me and the result you are reading right now..

Yes sometimes my blog is a fantasy but it is a fantasy I try to make true...

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autum zei

So well written. Thank you for sharing the links. I had not read those and it was quite thought provoking. For my two-cents worth, the content of the blog is up to the author. And the reader can choose to read or not to read the material. Yes some blogs are glossier than others and some share more personal aspects than others. Personally I like that there is a variety out there to balance things out. I enjoy looking at the pretty glossy blogs, they are always a source of inspiration but I also enjoy the more real life blogs with a bit of crafting thrown in. I have read a blog that was too personal for me, too real. She was sharing some serious marital issues and some issues with anxiety and depression and I just felt helpless reading it. Like I was observing a car wreck from behind glass and could do nothing to stop it. I had to stop reading it. Each individual has different reasons for blogging and for reading blogs. Just read the ones you can relate to or that make you happy and don't read what you don't like. It's that simple. As far as what to put in your blog you can only put in what feels right to you. Just like no two people are alike no two blogs are going to be alike. Variety, it's the spice of life...isn't that what they say. I like what you said about creating a fantasy that you try to make true. I've never thought about it that way.

Amy zei

Thanks for the post -- well spoken, as usual. I agree with you -- I put things in happythings that make me focus on the happy things -- see the good in my life and remember the fun stuff I do and the fun I have watching Bea grow up.

Do people really want all the mundane, messy, needy stuff? Well - I think that would be another blog altogether. I'm not trying to keep an accurate record of my life as a whole - just the happythings really. Take it or leave it.

chest of drawers zei

Great post...the more we concentrate on these good things, the more important they become. My blog is also my perfect little world.