dinsdag, augustus 08, 2006

Both camera's act funny but I'll post anyway

The pictures are a bit dark thanks to weird settings my husband used and I can't seem to turn of.. I' ve flashed my livingroom before here here and here.. but I'll do it anyway.. My kitchen all of it! The coloured things you see are paintings of my children on our door of fame! The shelvingthing is trusty Ikea We have a seasonstable in there and toys low down but we try to keep it open and airy as it as more roomdivider than shelving in our home. The coach is vintage martin visser a 60 's icon. We reupholstered but it is stained already thanks to me being to anxious to start a cover. I will do it really soon.. Linen with darkbrown wool edges.. I didn't plan on reupholstering with the children being so young but the stuffing was broken down and dusted the entire room. It was my in-laws coach before.. The print is a siemen dijkstra reproduction of a birch wood ( the link actually is from the place that makes these amazing reproductions an giclee prints too.. ) . He makes amazing woodcuts with up to 30 colours! I saw this in a framingshop and bought it right away which meant I had to take it home on my bike! The lambskin is washable and a favourite with the children. We had a coffee table below the lambs and took it away when son started walking and now we need to either put it back (don't know about that yet) or buy a new lamp! We are trained to avoid crashing in to it but our poor visitors..

You are missing the childrens corner there because that picture would't focus. Really need to check out this camera because I will be on holyday for a few weeks and with no crafting I'm going to photograph for real.. (I am not one who always takes nice photographs I've got to think about it.. )

Oh and for more fun comments on dutch life and crafting I found Stitched in Holland

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Angela zei

Hey! I like what you've done with your space. Thanks for playing along. 8-)
We've got the same IKEA shelving unit!
Your room(s) look way cleaner than my combined spaces would. I like your prints too.

jojo* zei

I like your space. Wish we had a shelving unit like that. We have a door for the children's artwork too. It's good to confine it a door, otherwise it would take over the whole house!

Ash zei

Thanks for linking to me! :)