vrijdag, juli 14, 2006

WIP: I might call her Marie Antoinette

My latest project. A doll that I started to make in april or something.. I've got so much plans with her once she is finished. I have so much fun making this dolls because they are so stubborn in how they actually need to look. They always turn out different then I thought. This one never was expected to be such a lady.. But hey she really wanted pink cheeks and who am I to argue..?

Her head is on her arm because her arm will meet with the seamripper. I had changed the 'design' on her left arm and happily sew her right arm the original way. So stupid. She has a boxi body because I want her to have different dresses instead of the dress/bodyI normally make

Oh the tiny booties arrived with the recipients and the red ones do fit! I love to hear that.. The elephant is in the mail as we speak and my babysitter ordered one because it matches het tattoo!

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