donderdag, juli 27, 2006

So what have I been up to

besides clearing out the garage? (it is good I am not arachnophobic ànd that the mice seem to have moved out because of the hot temperatures in there!) .

I have been tempted to post pictures of how organized the garage is becoming but well lets pretend that is a normal situation for us...

I've been occupied by some sewing:Some sewing and embroidering:

this one is for a dear person battling breast cancer.. a little book for thoughts or caricatures of nasty nurses..

and a lot of appliqueing:
Oh I'm having so much fun with this. I can use scraps and the shirts were all in a very very cheap sale (like 1,50 euro's each) I love them so much...

It is quite good for my machine handling this. You have to be very precise and have to think a lot about stitch length width and tensions. There are mistakes of course but I have managed to do 4 shirts without sewing back and front together...

I'll post the other pictures but light is terrible here . Outside it is way to harsh and inside we are without because of all the curtains closed (and I am not opening them even for you it's hot enough already.. )

7 opmerkingen:

autum zei

I love them all but the sailboat is my favorite. Very nice!!!

monique zei

Bedankt voor je berichtje.
Ik zal het zeker vragen als ik er niet aan uit kom. Dat zal vast wel gebeuren want ik vind het nog wel wat ingewikkeld...Alvast bedankt.

Wat een leuke blog heb jij zeg!
Ik heb jou blog bij mijn favorieten gezet.

elianne zei

erg leuk die t-shirts, vooral de vogel.

Amy zei

Your applique shirts are wonderful. That looks like a really fun, satisfying project. I love the vogels!

jojo* zei

Love the applique shirts! The sailboat one is wonderful.

monique zei

Hoi, hier ben ik al met een vraag.
Weet jij hoe ik mijn favourite blogs aan de zijkant van mijn blog kan zetten ?
Ik kan er niet aan uit komen, stom he.....

jojo* zei

Mijk--thanks sooooo much! I just got the shirt in the mail, and it is even more adorable in real life. You are too kind. It's a little big for Mikey, which is great, because it should fit him nicely when the weather gets cooler. Thanks again, sweetie!!!