maandag, juli 24, 2006

The mother of al l projects..

By now you all know how much we love our kitchengarden. It is awesome. But we have trouble with it. The hedge provides too much shade, the snails eat it (we had rain two days ago and we went snailgathering when it cleared up and catched 450 in 30 minutes..) and we got a virus thing going on.
All repairable but the biggest problem is time. We just spend a bit too little time there with the highmaintenance kids and doggie and work and housekeeping . And when like this year the opportunity to work there are limited (it's heavy clay so it can't be to cold or wet ) it gets neglected easily.
And then I looked at the piece of fenced land and thought it just looks such a cute little allotment, a really cottagegarden. And then son told once again that he was going to build him and his sister a house in the garden when they are people (he distinguishes two kinds of human children and people.. )
and then it was very obvious. We need to build a playhouse in the kitchengarden and tend the land round it as a cottagegarden with the children.. So then I googled and found this site ...

And then I knew I was in big trouble because how can you not love this or this ..?

So I decide to take a deep breath and try to convince husband and he bought it completely.. Which is remarkable because my ideas quite often crash onto husbands deeply pragmatic personality. The only thing altered was being a man that loves his tools he insists on building one from scratch.. So I showed vickies playhouse project and all though the first thing I told him was it can't be pink (which I had to agree ) he was allreay measuring in his head and planning and loving it..

Off course then came the catch it had to be there, hadn't it ? He now needs a workspace. We finally have to work on our garage (emptying putting internal walls in and organise all the toolstuff.) And when we do that we'll have to move stuff so the attic will have to get finished and the 20 unopened boxes of stuff will have to be opened and this is becoming a major operation.

And that is good because we moved in this house when I was 35 weeks pregnant with boy and husband was severely depressed and then we had a baby, a toddler, a new pregnancy and a baby again so we only have done teeny tiny projects since we lived here and we miss it. We miss the feeling of accomplishment the togetherness. But we got scared too. The playhouse project gave us the final kick in the butt and I promised husband to give him a work schedule as soon as he comes home..

How silly is it that i allready bought both the children new gardenaprons for their cottage?

pS. I have to switch the wordverification on I had 49 commentspams in my mailbox this morning. I hope you will comment now and again. Comments have been slow lately and I miss them ;-)

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Mijk zei

just testing

autum zei

I love the idea of a playhouse surrounded by a cottage garden. It sounds like you've got some serious work ahead of you, but you'll be so happy when it's done.

Amy zei

Yes- I tried to leave a comment yesterday and couldn't get through... Anyway, good luck on this project. I am sure it will be wonderful when done. It is funny how one thing leads to another, isn't it.