donderdag, juli 06, 2006

Look what the postman brought!

Although he does hate me. Yesterday the postman rang and told me accusingly: "I've got TWO packages fort you". So I said: "that's cool" and he says 'TWO' again while I started to think that if nobody send out parcels anymore he would be soon out of a job .. Then he started accusing Claudia of writing my address down wrongly. But he clearly couldn't read!! It was obviously alright. He made me sign stuff and told me to write my name so he could read it. And I refrained form answering that the problem might be in the reading not the writing. So this obviously must've been the man who had poop in his van for a day or so..

Anyway look he brought my bag from the blogbagswap. I was so thrilled, I loved everything and son had snatched out of a couple of things before I could even get the picture but the camera acted a bit weir d I think it is overheated!

I took it with me to the fabric store and actually got a lot of attention and it holded a lot of fabric. Which probably wasn't that good I spend a lot...

Then the magswap. Gina oh Gina I'm thrilled and humbled we swapped a bit uneven I'm afraid. So I'm already having lots of fun to do a little extra package for you! I was so busy trying to make the deadline for once in a while but sort of forgot to do the wee bit more I do like to do.. Fortunately you did. Three magazine's one on quilting with lots of really good tips. And it was great reading on Christmas when it was so hot. (No irony h
ere it really was fun thinking ahead on decorations and stuff... ) And country living was great very inspirational and it got me thinking a lot about the difference between Europe and America.. I think you find the same even if you can't read the text..

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chest of drawers zei

Hi Mijk! I´m sooo happy you like it!

Gina zei

Glad it arrived safe and sound and your enjoying it. I too like thinking of decorating for other seasons.