dinsdag, juli 11, 2006

The blogbagswap

I promised to blog about the bag I send to Claudia when it arrived in Austria. It is probably in Austria but well Claudia isn't, she is in Australia. So I'm just guessing she is to busy reconnecting there to sneak around reading this blog. I really wanted to tell about this bag because very unlike me there has been so much thinking involved making this and I'm just afraid I won't remember..

So the challenge I set was to do a bag inspired by the blog of your swappartner. I strongly felt from the beginning that I would do a bag based on the looks ànd the contents of the blog and on the nature of blogging it self. So I started by deciding to use the dots of Claudia's design. I kept the colours bright pastel because wel Claudia = colour but the blog is quite neutral. I wanted to do words aswell because well that is a no brainer isn't it?
I was also inspired by a piece of scrapbookpaper I had that had words in dots. So imagine how I felt when I found these badges in the bargainsdrawer of the fabric department. There are words on dots and they are so Claudia! Perfect bit is that on a day she is is not sweet, happy or in love she can remove the text for the day because the badges are velcro. I placed them on the place where the three darker dots are in the blogdesign..

Then for the textblog: I decided on a real, simplechest of drawers.
But made from a cloud material.. Perfect for the dreams shared in this virtual chest of drawers.. I was left with the need for a bit more colour because whatever the craft or the subject colour is so important in |Claudia's life.. so I chose a multicoloured lining and the colourful flowerbroche that is detached! The keychain is something I wanted to try for a while because I always have to empty my purse to find my keys so embarrasing.

I loved doing this it was a bit like interviewing someone ( I do that as a living) you try to get to know someone well enough in small amount of time to represent them in a article or in this case a bag..
There are many errors and imperfections in this bag. I've been sewing for less than a year now not that often so just on the begining of a hige learningcurve (at least I hop)e. But things like that motivate so much becuase I really want to learn to do this well enough to do my own ideas justice!
Because I liked the ideas in this a lot and I hope Claudia does too..

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Amy zei

What a thoughtful bag. You're so deep :-)

chest of drawers zei

I LOVE IT!!!! It´s a lovable, beautiful bag, thankyou for being so thoughtful, you know me very well!