dinsdag, juli 04, 2006

Along with what we won't mention

went this. Two pairs of bitty Booties. I love this pattern..

I found it very hard to give them away once again because they are not good enough. I have so much trouble with this. I will do a post on this very shortly.. First booties for Tori!
See it is a bit of my pif swap material! And then I wanted to do more and I remembered my dads secretary being pregnant. Since I like her a lot I decided bitty booties.. So they had to be genderneutral but but not neutral neutral. I went with patriotic I must've been subconsciously influenced by all you Americans having parties.
Well Dutch folklore is truly hot here these day. (Another possible post that is..)

Long overdue here is the beautiful gifttag JoJo made!

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chest of drawers zei

Both pairs of booties are gorgeous!

Heather Bailey zei

The shoes are adorable and I love the baggies you made for them. You should be very proud. Good work.

Go add them to the photo pool and show them off!!!
Here's the URL:


apprentice zei

Lovely work, and a really nice thought. The labels are cute too!