maandag, juli 17, 2006

9 things that make me feel like a proper housewife..

1. Baking and then serving fresh baked good in a good nonchalant matter of fact way..

2. A big pan of home made soup. So funny how foodsellers have made soup mythical with their canned soups, bagged instants soups and even soupbase products. I mean soup is easy but well we don't tell anyone..

3. Aprons, they give a feeling of preparation and also the pretend that the clothes underneath aren't already stained.

4. Peeling potatoes on the gardenbench while watching the kids in the sandpit. Beats me why this feels so much more proper then peeling potatoes watching the telly.. But it does

5. Plant and harvest my foods in the kitchengarden. Unfortunately weeding the kitchengarden doesn't do it for me..

6. Needlework. It just looks so good. Never idle hands and stuff (though my fingers are really busy when I surf the web too..)

7. Being able to give a good oldfashioned advice on cleaning or stuff like that. Soak bloodstains in icecold water, my dear.

9. Harvest a good home grown bouquet of flowers at any moment. So much better than the ones at the gasolinepump. The one in the picture was picked when I heard my neighbor got home from the hospital..

See how cleaning and paying bills and vacuuming and washing and cleaning toilets is not on the list. You know I assume a thoroughly clean house with everything in its own place and paid bills would give me the ultimately housewife trip but well I haven't tried that one so far!

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autum zei

This post made me smile reading it. How wonderful to have such beautiful flowers in your back yard and be able to share them with others.

Amy zei

Love your list, as always! #1 is the best I think -- to be able to be nonchalant about it and not want to blog about every cookie made - that would be the sign of a true "housewife!" :-)