donderdag, juli 27, 2006

So what have I been up to

besides clearing out the garage? (it is good I am not arachnophobic ànd that the mice seem to have moved out because of the hot temperatures in there!) .

I have been tempted to post pictures of how organized the garage is becoming but well lets pretend that is a normal situation for us...

I've been occupied by some sewing:Some sewing and embroidering:

this one is for a dear person battling breast cancer.. a little book for thoughts or caricatures of nasty nurses..

and a lot of appliqueing:
Oh I'm having so much fun with this. I can use scraps and the shirts were all in a very very cheap sale (like 1,50 euro's each) I love them so much...

It is quite good for my machine handling this. You have to be very precise and have to think a lot about stitch length width and tensions. There are mistakes of course but I have managed to do 4 shirts without sewing back and front together...

I'll post the other pictures but light is terrible here . Outside it is way to harsh and inside we are without because of all the curtains closed (and I am not opening them even for you it's hot enough already.. )

maandag, juli 24, 2006

The mother of al l projects..

By now you all know how much we love our kitchengarden. It is awesome. But we have trouble with it. The hedge provides too much shade, the snails eat it (we had rain two days ago and we went snailgathering when it cleared up and catched 450 in 30 minutes..) and we got a virus thing going on.
All repairable but the biggest problem is time. We just spend a bit too little time there with the highmaintenance kids and doggie and work and housekeeping . And when like this year the opportunity to work there are limited (it's heavy clay so it can't be to cold or wet ) it gets neglected easily.
And then I looked at the piece of fenced land and thought it just looks such a cute little allotment, a really cottagegarden. And then son told once again that he was going to build him and his sister a house in the garden when they are people (he distinguishes two kinds of human children and people.. )
and then it was very obvious. We need to build a playhouse in the kitchengarden and tend the land round it as a cottagegarden with the children.. So then I googled and found this site ...

And then I knew I was in big trouble because how can you not love this or this ..?

So I decide to take a deep breath and try to convince husband and he bought it completely.. Which is remarkable because my ideas quite often crash onto husbands deeply pragmatic personality. The only thing altered was being a man that loves his tools he insists on building one from scratch.. So I showed vickies playhouse project and all though the first thing I told him was it can't be pink (which I had to agree ) he was allreay measuring in his head and planning and loving it..

Off course then came the catch it had to be there, hadn't it ? He now needs a workspace. We finally have to work on our garage (emptying putting internal walls in and organise all the toolstuff.) And when we do that we'll have to move stuff so the attic will have to get finished and the 20 unopened boxes of stuff will have to be opened and this is becoming a major operation.

And that is good because we moved in this house when I was 35 weeks pregnant with boy and husband was severely depressed and then we had a baby, a toddler, a new pregnancy and a baby again so we only have done teeny tiny projects since we lived here and we miss it. We miss the feeling of accomplishment the togetherness. But we got scared too. The playhouse project gave us the final kick in the butt and I promised husband to give him a work schedule as soon as he comes home..

How silly is it that i allready bought both the children new gardenaprons for their cottage?

pS. I have to switch the wordverification on I had 49 commentspams in my mailbox this morning. I hope you will comment now and again. Comments have been slow lately and I miss them ;-)

woensdag, juli 19, 2006

My son as a proper houseman

Tomorrow it is sons last day in school before the summerholiday. I wanted to make his teacher some homemade jam with a nice label drawn by son. But he has other plans, I just found him in the kitchen with his apron on pointing at the domestic goddess cookbook saying: I want to make them letters and numbercookies.. So that will we do in a cardboardbox covered in drawings..

maandag, juli 17, 2006

9 things that make me feel like a proper housewife..

1. Baking and then serving fresh baked good in a good nonchalant matter of fact way..

2. A big pan of home made soup. So funny how foodsellers have made soup mythical with their canned soups, bagged instants soups and even soupbase products. I mean soup is easy but well we don't tell anyone..

3. Aprons, they give a feeling of preparation and also the pretend that the clothes underneath aren't already stained.

4. Peeling potatoes on the gardenbench while watching the kids in the sandpit. Beats me why this feels so much more proper then peeling potatoes watching the telly.. But it does

5. Plant and harvest my foods in the kitchengarden. Unfortunately weeding the kitchengarden doesn't do it for me..

6. Needlework. It just looks so good. Never idle hands and stuff (though my fingers are really busy when I surf the web too..)

7. Being able to give a good oldfashioned advice on cleaning or stuff like that. Soak bloodstains in icecold water, my dear.

9. Harvest a good home grown bouquet of flowers at any moment. So much better than the ones at the gasolinepump. The one in the picture was picked when I heard my neighbor got home from the hospital..

See how cleaning and paying bills and vacuuming and washing and cleaning toilets is not on the list. You know I assume a thoroughly clean house with everything in its own place and paid bills would give me the ultimately housewife trip but well I haven't tried that one so far!

vrijdag, juli 14, 2006

WIP: I might call her Marie Antoinette

My latest project. A doll that I started to make in april or something.. I've got so much plans with her once she is finished. I have so much fun making this dolls because they are so stubborn in how they actually need to look. They always turn out different then I thought. This one never was expected to be such a lady.. But hey she really wanted pink cheeks and who am I to argue..?

Her head is on her arm because her arm will meet with the seamripper. I had changed the 'design' on her left arm and happily sew her right arm the original way. So stupid. She has a boxi body because I want her to have different dresses instead of the dress/bodyI normally make

Oh the tiny booties arrived with the recipients and the red ones do fit! I love to hear that.. The elephant is in the mail as we speak and my babysitter ordered one because it matches het tattoo!

donderdag, juli 13, 2006

corner of my home: Hollyhocks

Quite a literal take on the corner thing. This is the coroner of my home covered in hollyhocks. I always find it one of the most exciting moments in my garden when they open up. Because they selfseed I 've no idea of the colours that will emerge. This year we hit the jackpot... Pink apricot hot pink yellow soft pink white. It's al there mixed perfectly.. There is also a vine producing lots pof fruit and a kiwi actually produicing a kiwi! (We have a cold seaclimate over here but this wall is almost southfaced!

Holly hocks in dutch are stokrozen that translates to stickroses...such a weird name..

dinsdag, juli 11, 2006

The blogbagswap

I promised to blog about the bag I send to Claudia when it arrived in Austria. It is probably in Austria but well Claudia isn't, she is in Australia. So I'm just guessing she is to busy reconnecting there to sneak around reading this blog. I really wanted to tell about this bag because very unlike me there has been so much thinking involved making this and I'm just afraid I won't remember..

So the challenge I set was to do a bag inspired by the blog of your swappartner. I strongly felt from the beginning that I would do a bag based on the looks ànd the contents of the blog and on the nature of blogging it self. So I started by deciding to use the dots of Claudia's design. I kept the colours bright pastel because wel Claudia = colour but the blog is quite neutral. I wanted to do words aswell because well that is a no brainer isn't it?
I was also inspired by a piece of scrapbookpaper I had that had words in dots. So imagine how I felt when I found these badges in the bargainsdrawer of the fabric department. There are words on dots and they are so Claudia! Perfect bit is that on a day she is is not sweet, happy or in love she can remove the text for the day because the badges are velcro. I placed them on the place where the three darker dots are in the blogdesign..

Then for the textblog: I decided on a real, simplechest of drawers.
But made from a cloud material.. Perfect for the dreams shared in this virtual chest of drawers.. I was left with the need for a bit more colour because whatever the craft or the subject colour is so important in |Claudia's life.. so I chose a multicoloured lining and the colourful flowerbroche that is detached! The keychain is something I wanted to try for a while because I always have to empty my purse to find my keys so embarrasing.

I loved doing this it was a bit like interviewing someone ( I do that as a living) you try to get to know someone well enough in small amount of time to represent them in a article or in this case a bag..
There are many errors and imperfections in this bag. I've been sewing for less than a year now not that often so just on the begining of a hige learningcurve (at least I hop)e. But things like that motivate so much becuase I really want to learn to do this well enough to do my own ideas justice!
Because I liked the ideas in this a lot and I hope Claudia does too..

vrijdag, juli 07, 2006

laundryrituals and thrifting disappointment

disapointment is an euphemism here. It was a earthshattering heartbraking moment at the thriftstore. I walked in with my todler and we both immediately spotted this big lovely 6 rooms + attic dollhouse with a very 50-ish look.. And the moment I pulled girl in my arms to start running a lady walked towards it and put the sold sticker over the 5 euro pricetag. I wish I had never seen it. I swear I dreamed about it...

I comforted myself with a lovely vintage talcumpowdertin and a a jamstorageglass. I didn't kno what to do with botht until I came home and decided to tackle my laundry area. I 've recently decided to change my homemakeing efforts inside out. I am always inclined to make the public areas of my house presentable first and that drives the clutter into the areas where you can't have clutter the kitchen cabinets, the underthesarecupboard, the laundryroom (room is a big word!) Philosofy is that I want the utility area's of my life nice and welcoming so I actually don't mind going there.. So the laundry room needs paint but that wasn't going to happen but I made it prettier even so.. Look how nice the glass jar looks with my washingpowder.. I need another one (Why on earth did I bring one?)

This was defintely rituals inspired (But much cheaper).

Actually spellcheck wants to change thriftshop into therapeutic which is quite spot on I think..

donderdag, juli 06, 2006

Look what the postman brought!

Although he does hate me. Yesterday the postman rang and told me accusingly: "I've got TWO packages fort you". So I said: "that's cool" and he says 'TWO' again while I started to think that if nobody send out parcels anymore he would be soon out of a job .. Then he started accusing Claudia of writing my address down wrongly. But he clearly couldn't read!! It was obviously alright. He made me sign stuff and told me to write my name so he could read it. And I refrained form answering that the problem might be in the reading not the writing. So this obviously must've been the man who had poop in his van for a day or so..

Anyway look he brought my bag from the blogbagswap. I was so thrilled, I loved everything and son had snatched out of a couple of things before I could even get the picture but the camera acted a bit weir d I think it is overheated!

I took it with me to the fabric store and actually got a lot of attention and it holded a lot of fabric. Which probably wasn't that good I spend a lot...

Then the magswap. Gina oh Gina I'm thrilled and humbled we swapped a bit uneven I'm afraid. So I'm already having lots of fun to do a little extra package for you! I was so busy trying to make the deadline for once in a while but sort of forgot to do the wee bit more I do like to do.. Fortunately you did. Three magazine's one on quilting with lots of really good tips. And it was great reading on Christmas when it was so hot. (No irony h
ere it really was fun thinking ahead on decorations and stuff... ) And country living was great very inspirational and it got me thinking a lot about the difference between Europe and America.. I think you find the same even if you can't read the text..

woensdag, juli 05, 2006


I was born during a heatwave so maybe that is making me productive? I don't know. It sure is too hot to be outside so we pretend it is autumn here.. And we crafted Son made a plane.. and I made this little elephant.

I owe you a big post about swaps. The postman delivered two parcels today and my internet connection quit just when I was about to push public post. I hate writing the same thing twice so I try to forget as much as I can so I can write it fresh!

dinsdag, juli 04, 2006

Along with what we won't mention

went this. Two pairs of bitty Booties. I love this pattern..

I found it very hard to give them away once again because they are not good enough. I have so much trouble with this. I will do a post on this very shortly.. First booties for Tori!
See it is a bit of my pif swap material! And then I wanted to do more and I remembered my dads secretary being pregnant. Since I like her a lot I decided bitty booties.. So they had to be genderneutral but but not neutral neutral. I went with patriotic I must've been subconsciously influenced by all you Americans having parties.
Well Dutch folklore is truly hot here these day. (Another possible post that is..)

Long overdue here is the beautiful gifttag JoJo made!

maandag, juli 03, 2006

I am about to alienate my postoffice for life..

It is my boy's fault thought. I had planned to surprise my postoffice with as many as 3 lovely packaged gifts after a nice long crafting and cleaning day on my own. I even thought about recording the day like Manda did...

Things didn't turn out like I planned. Husband is home recovering from flue, boy is home with diarrhea and dog had to head to the vet too. ( that is another post sometime)
We thought boy did okay but then found blood in the toilet. So after the vet we went to the doctor who wanted to call a pediatrician which scared me so much I told the Boy yes when he wanted to go to dad who was outside with the dog. Except completely forgot that I send him to collect the car. So when I came out of the office there was dog, husband, car but no child. After a little searching we did found him so we could tell him we would be collecting his poo and send it to the hospital by post. Which entertained him to no end. So my excuse for any late send gift will be from now on: the postoffice hates me. Because they will. It is 33 degrees Celsius and I bring them poo......